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7th Time's a charm??

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So I had my doctors appointment yesterday and it actually went alright. I got there a little early, but they took me back just before my appointment time and got my weight (gained a few lbs over the last couple of months blah), and took my vitals. My blood pressure was REALLY high- especially for me. I'm usually normal when it comes to my BP and it was 166/98 the first time the nurse checked it. The nurse had me just sit for a bit and took it again- still high, but slightly lower (155/98) So I had to explain that my anxiety was up because of the appointment and I had also had a stressful day at work which I'm sure was not helping. My heart rate was really fast too (definitely the anxiety). After finishing that stuff, the exam room wasn't available yet after sitting for a while so they sent me back out to the waiting room to wait. I hadn't gone to the bathroom yet because I wasn't sure if they needed a urine sample so I had been holding it and was just sitting in the waiting room with a sign for the bathroom right in front of me for a good 30-40 minutes (it was seriously feeling like torture). So they finally had a room open up and as we were walking back I asked "can I use the restroom, or do you need a urine sample?" and the nurse was like "oh, we don't need a sample- you can just go ahead and use the restroom" (SERIOUSLY!!! I could have peed like 2 hours ago LOL)

Anywho, the Dr. came in and we just talked about medical history (I totally beat her to the punch about my weight and told her that I had lost some, but knew I had a ways to go and explained what I was doing to try and lose weight and she seemed pleased with what I told her so she didn't really ask any more questions). She asked me about my BP and I basically just explained that it had never been high like that before and then explained that I have GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) and I was sure that she was a very nice person but I was very anxious about having a new Dr. and I thought that that might be playing a part of it. So after talking for a while and doing a quick exam and what not, she took my pulse again (normal thank goodness) and she took my blood pressure again and it had gone down, but it was still higher than it should have been. I think the fact that I had high blood pressure was freaking me out enough to give me high blood pressure. Anyways, she gave me a prescription for Celexa (for my depression and anxiety- I used to take Lexapro but they don't have that through Kaiser) and also my BC prescription but I can't start taking that again until after I have my BP rechecked in 2 weeks. I also need to have some blood work/labs done to check my thyroid, kidneys, lipids, etc so I need to figure out when to go in for that. But all in all, it was an OK appointment. I definitely like my doctor and she seems really nice and didn't seem to be incredibly critical of me which was one of my fears.

Thanks for everyone who was thinking about me yesterday- I really appreciate it!!

I don't have much else to report except that the whole Blood Pressure scare thing has kind of kicked me in the butt to start getting back to working out consistently and getting back on track with everything. I'm really horrible about taking pills (I seriously have to set a reminder to go off everyday on my phone just to remember to take my pill everyday as it is haha) and I definitely do not want to have to take any medication for my BP if I can help it. I don't eat a lot of salt (I rarely put a lot of salt on things when I cook except for a small sprinkle here or there sometimes for flavor and don't like salty foods), but I'll probably be keeping better track of my sodium intake to make sure I'm not going overboard. I also know that I have not been eating consistently at all so far this week- I've been eating one meal- dinner- and have been going basically all day without eating and haven't been good about drinking my water either- I'm not sure if it could affect blood pressure, but does anyone know if it might?? All in all they checked my BP like 5 or 6 times yesterday so I'm hoping when I go back in, it will be closer to normal.

Not much else going on, Just planning my next "attack" on the fat!!

Until Next Time emoticon
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  • LLP215
    Glad you made it through the appt. I can definitely relate 'cuz every time I go to one with my doctor I feel like I'm standing in front of a judge asking for leniency, LOL! Hang in there though. Wishing you luck and lower numbers on the next visit.
    2018 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/7/2012 8:58:32 PM
    Glad your appointment wasn't to bad.
    2027 days ago
    As someone who had high blood pressure a year ago, let me share my experience with you. (This is just what worked for me, and not actual advice, lol.) My doctor put me on a water pill (hydrochlorothiazide). It's super cheap ($2.50 for 60 days worth with my insurance) and doesn't feel like you're taking 'real' BP meds. He also tested me with a low-sodium diet, which was torture. The low-sodium diet did nothing. He explained that not all people have salt sensitive blood pressure. As I lost weight, my BP gradually came down. He had me monitor it a few times a day with a home BP cuff. When I got to about the 40 lbs lost mark it hit the normal range, and yesterday it was 99/68 at 63 lbs down. And I still am taking my BC pills. It might be something to mention to your new Doc if she really wants to put you on meds, to try something like that first. Hope that helps! =)
    2027 days ago
    I'm happy to hear you started your new relationship off on a positive note, building trust and openness with your Doc. I can totally relate to your anxiety over this visit. I don't have a physician. I don't go to the Dr. I only go (Urgent Care) if I think there is a strong possibility 1) I might be dying or 2) I have an infection that, without treatment, could kill me. My excuse of choice is that I don't have the money to spare. The truth is that doctors make me really anxious. I also know the physicians' staff in our county are terrible gossips.

    Probably your HBP is caused by the stress and anxiety of the day yesterday. Either way, it gives you another tangible motivation to exercise more, reduce sodium and eat more nutritiously and regularly. By the way, it sounds as if you are suffering from one of the same issues I'm dealing with--lack of planning and preparation. We know WHAT to do and HOW to do it. We just don't make it accessible or as easy as we could. I have GOT to start meal planning. (How long have I been saying that?)
    2027 days ago
    I started having blood pressure problems in my early 30's, sometimes it is just hereditary. I have tried over the last 15 year to manage it with diet and exercise but I finally resigning myself to the fact that I am going to have to take the darn medication!!

    Hang in there, you are taking the right steps to take care and do the best for you!!!
    2027 days ago
  • LERWIN1324
    2027 days ago
    You can do it! Best. Wishes, and happy exercising!
    2027 days ago
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