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Day 162: What to do before training starts?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hello everyone!

So, it's a really tumultuous time right now for me. Precarious, if you will. You see, it's the time of change and rest and reallignment.

You see, we just hit the six month mark of our time on the IDEA study. Last night it was time to evaluate our progress to date and to really think about how far we've come and how to get where we ultimately want to go to.

You see, I've spent six months modifying my behaviors and changing the way I view food, exercise and ultimately what I'm capable of.

I can't believe it.

There were three questions we were posed last night and we ranked ourselves from 1 to 10. 1 being poor, 10 being amazing.

1. How well would you say you've been in terms of attending the weekly meetings? 8. I missed one meeting because I just couldn't do it. I did make up meetings for the other two I missed. So, at 24 weeks and three missed meetings.. well, I feel pretty darn amazing.

2. How well have you adhered to your calorie intake goals? 5. I've been the lamest calorie intaker ever. I think I've said it a million times - I've never exactly been one for the 1200 calorie goal. It just FEELS so restrictive. So, I aim for between 1300 and 1500. Sometimes I'm below it, sometimes I'm not. I do know one thing: I lose more weight when I'm closer to 1200, that's for sure.

3. How well would you gauge your exercise minutes? 8.5. I've done pretty well in this department. It's become more difficult for me as time has gone on to meet all of my fitness goals. (300 is A LOT of minutes); but, I have consistently made efforts to get all of my minutes in - even if it's just with a walk. The number of minutes is important because (as they keep reminding us) people who consistently do 250 or more minutes of intentional fitness a week (not just counting their steps, but adding additional intentional steps) tend to avoid the rebounding of their weight.

These questions are important because we now meet once a month from here on out. That's right, the training wheels come off. We don't even have to turn in paper diaries of our food intake anymore. We don't have to do much of anything at all, really.

The six month mark is also the point of maximum adherence to the weight loss program according to research. Whatever our weight loss slope looks like at the moment... well, it's going to continue to look like that. For the last six weeks I've averaged about a half a pound of loss per week according to the study's scales. This week I lost 2 pounds. Two whole fantastic pounds. During a holiday week.

Let that sink in.

I'm feeling revitalized.

I'm feeling hopeful. Suddenly, at 192.4, I feel like I can make it down into the mid-180's for the end of the year. 180's. Insane.

Still, I do have a lot of work to do. The goal weight is on or about 160ish. I'd like to be size 12. Right now I'm a size 14/16 walking around in size 18 pants. Yes, I'm too cheap to go buy new ones.

The big thing I have to work toward is the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. It's in May. My training program doesn't start until January 1. The first training run is January 5th. I have essentially a month on my own to do anything but run. Why would I say that? Because I think I'm more than a little burned out on the running thing. So, I'm going to do more gym stuff. I want to do more circuit training. More time with building muscle and strength. The other day I decided I would try and do some of the exercises from our circuits and I was so dismayed to find that pushups eluded me and I didn't have the core strength that I used to.

So, at least I have a new focus!

I just feel like I REALLY have to pay attention for the next four weeks or so until the new training program starts. I also need to get my mojo back - and the best way to do that is to enter a training framework excited and prepared.

All I want for christmas is a personal trainer.
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    Your blogs always make me happy! Congratulations on 2lb loss over the holiday-- INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE!!!

    As for the training program-- I am so there with you. I could only take a week off from running because I started to miss it. Weird. I also read that you can start to lose your stamina after 3-4 days and I feared having to start all over. You may want to look that up.

    1200 cals are for the birds (well at least those birds that aren't runners)! Your plan to stay in a sensible range that is comfortable for you makes sense to me. There is no way to starve yourself or feel deprived if this is going to work long-term. I think it just means it will take a tad longer.

    I am so very proud of you, your consistency and commitment to your program. It really is an inspiration to see you plugging away -- good, bad, and all!

    You my dear are truly FRACKING AWESOME!!
    1974 days ago
    Ooh personal trainer... Me too!

    2lbs over thanksgiving is ridiculously awesome. Cyber high five!

    I wish I knew how many calories I need to lose weight. I cant stay consistent long enough to figure out what works. I feel like I lose more when I eat a bit higher but maybe I just tell myself that? Doesn't seem right when you say 1200 for you and you're taller than me. 1200 is difficult for me to stick to. I can do ok for a couple days but then I start losing control. But then again... I kinda do that anyway so who knows.
    1974 days ago
    My sister-in-law and I are both starting our training programs for our half-marathons in January (mine is in mid-March, she's doing the Pittsburgh one in May), so I understand. What I'm doing is just keeping up with my mileage running, since it's the primary fitness activity that I REALLY enjoy doing, as well as swimming, boot camp, some strength training, indoor cycling, yoga and Zumba. I just keep it varied so I don't get bored.

    Hang in there! It sounds like you have a good plan. :)
    1974 days ago
    Reflection is good and you have so much to be proud of! emoticon
    1974 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1974 days ago
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