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Vagabond follows woman home

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

As many of you know, I love trash day! And not just because it's a good opportunity to get rid of a fridge full of excessive Thanksgiving leftovers. I'm always on the lookout for treasure that someone thought was fit only for Waste Management.

So I set out this foggy morning with the usual moderate hope of coming back home with something. On my way out, I stopped to visit with one of my favorite dogs, Grady, a big white shepherd mix who's always happy to see me, leans against me hard enough to knock me over, and generally inspects me all over with her nose, to see what other dogs and places I've been visiting.

After Grady, I took a slightly different route today. My motives were to see how far away a particular 3100 block was from us. I've started reading the newspaper's police log and wanted to ensure that a local homeowner who hit a fireman in the face with a shovel lives far, far away from our house. (That's a whole different story, of course. Seems the homeowner was burning fans, household appliances, and furniture in his back yard and took issue with the fire department's putting out the bonfire and dousing him as well. OIF, as they say.) While I was contemplating how comfortably remote the 3100 block was, I saw, leaning forlornly against a trash barrel, a perfectly good, life-size, stuffed scarecrow! He, lucky fellow, had escaped any bonfires on his street. I kept walking and thought over whether to come back with my car for him, then turned back and impetuously slung him, head down, over my shoulder for the 1.5-mile walk home.

The last time something odd followed me home, it was a broom, and I got some friendly remarks about whether or not I should consider using it as transportation. This time, poor Grady spied me, started waving her tail, then realized I had a body over my shoulder and went on alert, ears and tail high, a look of alarm on her sweet face. I could read her mind: ("And here I thought she was so NICE!")

I think my new friend likes it at our house. Bill thinks he looks scary. Wonder what the cat burglar will think.

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