Had it really been over 2 weeks since I sparked and blogged!! What?!?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Goodness Me!!!

Well I ahve been trying t take more "me" time (like 30 minutes a day) which is what I used to take for sp time and well it's not working out so well...

Seems I am filling it with more "things I feel I must do" but in all reality could likely wait.... and this is part of what I am learning is my own little stress and anxiety making whirlwind that keeps playing "keep away" with my time.

So I miss sp dearly and those here... I feel almost lost some days, like I've lost my support network.. but because I know it's there I am still on track but I feel less "in touch" with people who are on a journey like mine... I also start feeling guitly for not being around to support others since I gain so much support... and I knwo that sounds weird and it's hard to explain but I feel like I owe people here so much that when I can not contribute I feel bad...

I know my journey this year would have looked much different if not for sp and the wonderful connections and support here...

I am trying to balance this new workout plan which has me working out 5 days per week with an "fun fitness session" on the 6th day... Most days it's 1hr but 3 days it is nearly 2 hours... so finding time to fit everything else is getting hard.

That said, I am feeling so proud of my fitness level and how I am doing... I think I have lost a little more... but now that I'm only doing an official weigh in monthly... I'll not report on that just yet...

I am also working to find the nutrition balance... my health coverage does not cover a nutritionist, so I'm taking matters again into my own hands, doing some reserch and just adjusting. Because none of it was actually something the dr was too concerned over and the only reason she referred a nutritionsist is because I do already track and watch everything... I feel like perhaps with some books I can find some ways to just make sure everything is going well.

My hair is still coming out... I really just have given up for now ont hat- obviously nothing is wrong and I am eating balanced now and eventhough I've corrected my calorie intake and nutrition 6 months ago and for all intensive purposes 6 months has been the told benchmark for when I should see improvement... I'm just not and I'm just working myself into a stress mess thinking about it. It still looks good to anyone else, and while it's grayer because I'm holding off on dying it... I'm just letting it go for a while because there is seriously nothing else I can do about it. It still is like I said not noticeable I don't think... I think ti just looks like I have med/thin hair... instead of my previous very very very thick and dense hair.

I'd like to add olive oil to my daily diet but this will put me over in my fat grams, I stay between 45-60 now but adding 2 TBS of EVOO will push me about 20 grams over it looks like... so I don't really know how that will effect my weight maintence/loss.

Also because fat on me store in my middle region, which is where I am trying to loss/tone I an nervous about how that would change the hard work I am putting in. I suppse I could up my calories a little, which would up the fat grams based on 30% rule... but I'm at 1500 now and feeling full and fine...

I suppose trial and error... and because I know EVOO has so many great heart and hair benefits I should likely just go ahead with it.

I am also considering 4oz of red wine per night, this will also bump all my levels up slightly but because of the heart/vascular benefits I feel it might be worth it.

I suppose I need to do one for a while and not both together to see what the outcome is after 30 days...

well there is so much more, but my 15 minutes on sp is up and I need to get to work..

Spark it up today!! You'll be glad you did.
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    3161 days ago
    What a blessing to have such a full life!
    3165 days ago
    EVOO is awesome; good quality flax oil even better! Maybe add the oil 2-3 days a week? Same with red wine, I'd say 2-3 per week at the most.
    3165 days ago
    I actually recommend coconut oil. It has a lot of the great benefits of EVOO, but I think it's better for hair, nails and skin. I know that putting it topically on your hair is awesome (I do it every once in a while). And adding some fat is really a good think. I know those body builders eat a low carb, low fat protein, and use coconut oil to get the fact they need.

    Plus I feel like coconut oil can just be placed in your morning oatmeal and not change the flavor too much!

    I think adding in the fat is a wonderful thing. I know I make sure to eat some fat because of my vitamins I take. I don't know about the wine though. I know it has all different kinds of benefits, but I feel like it's an excuse to let people drink wine. And I can't stand the flavor.

    Well that's my two cents! Glad to see you back! And glad to hear about your hair coming back in! Keep up the good work!
    3165 days ago
  • SUSIEQ911
    It's so good to hear from you! I've missed your blogs (and sparkmail).

    Can you adjust fat somewhere else to offset the olive oil? And honestly I don't know that the extra will affect you much if you're working out 6 days a week.

    Hugs! emoticon
    3165 days ago
  • GINA180847
    I would add 1 tblsp. of ground flax seeds. just an idea. I eat it just off the spoon and then take a drink as it is dry as a popcorn fart. But I don't have any health problems and am 65.
    3165 days ago
    trail and error is all we can do each body is different but yes don't start two things at once best of luck
    3165 days ago
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