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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Good morning Sparkers.

Holy mother of Krishna. I opened my office door this morning and BAM, 32 degrees celsius (about 90F) hit me in the face. I'm wearing winter boots, winter coat, mits, a hat and all other means of warmth since it's freezing outside.

So, I'm guessing the heater in my part of the office building broke. It's insanely hot. I've opened my window but we work right next to the airport and there's something making an awful lot of noise outside. The work conditions are absolutely unbearable today. My coworker and I have left a message for the maintenance guys to come fix it because I have a feeling I'll be 10lbs lighter by the end of the day.

On a food note, I overate yesterday. I did great all day and had planned my intake so that i fell around 1300, as usual. I went to the gym, came home and heated up some leftover chicken & couscous with veggies, and ate it... but then I was still hungry. I thought it was just psychological so I had a small piece of beef jerky since that always satisfies my cravings.

It didn't.

I wound up making a cheddar cheese egg white omelette and toasting up an english muffin with strawberry jam. It brought my total calories to about 1750. I could have done worse but I could have done without that massive 400 calorie snack. I was just so ravenous that I could not talk myself out of it and I figured my body must be in need of it because it wasn't just me thinking "ugh, I could eat", it was my stomach, grumbling and eating itself.

So, I'm hoping today will be a better day, food wise.

It was a weak day at the gym. I can usually 45 minutes on the stationary bike no problem but yesterday, it was paining me and I only got to 20 minutes. Then, I hopped on the treadmill and thought I would walk for 30mns. After about 10 mns, my mid-spine felt like it was on FIRE. I know I have back problems but walking at like... 3.0mph shouldn't make my spine burst into flames. I reduced my incline to 0, and reduced my speed to about 2.7mph. My back still burned but it wasn't as intense. I finished my time on the treadmill and then all I wanted to do was bend over so that I could stretch my spine out.

I still got 45 minutes in and I'm happy with that.

As for sleep... haha.... oh dear. I was really tired last night so I was in bed at 9:30pm and probably fell asleep around 10pm, thinking I would get a full 8 hours, on a weekday!! This never happens.

However, living with 2 grown men means noises. Lots of noises. So, around 11pm, when my older brother went to bed, it woke me up. Then, around 2am, my sweet dog was having a nightmare and bless her wee little puppy heart, she has a weak bladder.... She must have gotten spooked in her dream because she squirted some pee on the bed. I woke up, she was in the corner looking guilty as she could look. I didn't discipline her. I know the difference between peeing on the floor because she doesn't want to hold it, and an accident she has unintentionally.

So I was changing my bedding at 2am. It was just a little spot, not like she let her whole bladder go but I still needed to wash EVERYTHING.... because you know, I don't want to risk any pee touching me. I took the dog out to empty her obviously full bladder, put her in the crate for the rest of the night and then had a hard time falling asleep because my back was aching from the gym session.

I've seen better days but I've sure seen worse.

Today will be a great day :) I may have to change my workout to accomodate my back pain but I'll still be going to the gym.

Have a great day everyone!
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    I think you're being hard on yourself! Sounds to me, unbiased listener, that you were uncharacteristically hungry so you had a balanced snack and you pushed yourself at the gym, but remained conscious of not injuring yourself.

    BTW-the heat thing stinks. I can take a frigid room much easier than a hot room.

    I hope that your day today was smoother!

    2033 days ago
    I have scoliosis really bad , so my back hurts a lot. more so when I do not do my stretches, yoga also helps. I just received 4 cd's so will be doing those tonight . Where I work in the pharmacy we freeze, we have to put on a heater, I live in Pa. & our heat is controlled in Rhode Island. Hope the fix it man get's there so you are not blasted by so much heat!!!!
    2033 days ago
  • BMAN419
    2033 days ago
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