Funny Birthday Cake!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's my birthday today. My husband got me a beauuutiiful cake with BLUE flowers, and beautiful clear-pastel-purple writing on it. :D I was surprised he got a cake for me!! :D YUP!! I had cake!!! The remainder of the cake is now wrapped up triple-fold, and in the freezer! We joked around today, bc we call eachother, "My Dear." Anyway, everyone in my family is trying/or should be trying to lose weight, so, not much of the cake was eaten. But, the writing part said, "Happy Birthday, My Dear" on it. But, when I cut it, I didn't cut the part that said "My Dear", so we were joking about WHEN ARE WE EVER going to next get that cake in out of the freezer??? We'll probably forget that it's in there!! Then my daughter said that we can just get it back out on my husband's birthday, (which is Valentine's day, Feb. 14th) because it still says, "My Dear" on it!!!! ohhhh, it's sooo funny!! None of us really want to eat cake!!! LOL!!!! I can really see that months from now, we'll take it out of the freezer, saying, "What kind of meat is this?" and we'll laugh our butts off when we re-discover that it's THE CAKE!!! LOL. (sorry, if this isn't funny to you, guys, I'm not a good descriptive writer, but, we were practically falling off our chairs, laughing about that beautiful cake!) None of us are eating hardly ANY cake (and there's just 3 of us), so we were joking that 6 years from now, whenever it's somebody else's birthday, we'll be saying, "Well..... let's go get "the cake."" LOL!!! Everybody's birthday for the next 6 years can share the same exact cake..... oh, jeepers. It's soooo funny!! :D :D :D
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