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Today is the only day I have...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I can not redo my past and I can not predict my future. However, I can control today. Life is just that, one day at a time. If we focus on today we would have no problems with success. It is when we start our what if's and should of's. Beating ourselves up or focusing only on what we are GOING to do, instesad of what we are DOING, only sets us up for failure. So many times, I have looked backed and cried, got angry, or overwhelmed, something I consider stupid, and I realize how much time or emptional energy I wasted on something I can not change. When I stop and think about what I am going to do in the next 30 or 60 minute intervals, or plan my day with a list, I am bound to succeed. And I do! Our emotions are simply our heart playing tricks on our mind. Once we learn to gain control and use our mind, not our heart for decisions, we become this power force that no one wants to mess with, especially that Krispy Kream dohnut emoticon

Today, instead of standing at the counter, or sitting on the couch, thinking with your heart, about how you are just to tired or stressed out or sad to do 10 situps or pushups, USE your MIND to put that heart in check, get on the floor and make it happen. If we dont keep our heart healthy we wont be able to use it anyway emoticon A healthy mind, that we can speak with, hear with, act with, and live with comes first. It is only natrual that a healthy heart will follow, giving us the ability to love only in happiness, a happiness we found within ourself. emoticon
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