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Present your bodies....acceptable to God.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Present your bodies a sacrifice living, holy, acceptable to God." That was the daily text for Tuesday, taken from Romans 12:1. The reference material mentioned the importance of keeping your body clean of all defilement, so as to be able to be acceptable to Jehovah. The examples of such defilement included tobacco, illicit drugs, and alcohol abuse.

These vices are not at all attractive to me. I get sick if I even catch a whiff of tobacco smoke. I have no desire at all to do drugs. Alcohol taste horrid to me. No problem. I'm clean!

Or am I?

The reason people smoke tobacco, do illicit drugs, or drink themselves into a comatose state is because they want to avoid their problems. They want to ease their pain of everyday life. They want to make themselves feel better. They feel these avenues are the only way to achieve this calmness.

So how does this apply to me? Well, what do I do to calm myself? In what ways do I deal with my problems? Judging from the size of my clothing, I use food. A lot of food. By eating till my body is so out of control, I am no better, nor acceptable to Jehovah, than the passed out alcoholic on the street.

Another point brought out in the reference material is that "Jesus, while on earth, stressed the importance of praising Jehovah by preaching the good news." Do I follow this example?

While I do go out in the ministry, I have some serious issues with my body image that have a detrimental effect on Jehovah's message. It causes me to be less confident in my speech and my eye contact with the householder than I used to be. I am not able to be bold in my reasonings, nor in my conversation stopper responses. If I am not confident, the message that I deliver suffers. I don't enjoy going to the door because of how people view obese people. If people see me as someone who is not happy in my life, why would they ever listen to me as I tell them I have found the truth that leads to a better life?

I have tried to do better with my emotions in the last month. I am losing some of my girth. But I still need to do better at discerning why I overeat and overcoming those obstacles, so that Jehovah's word can be heard.

I am an addict, and food is my drug. I need to clean up my life so as to be "acceptable to Jehovah."

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    I have thought those same things many times.... and continue to struggle with. emoticon
    1967 days ago
    Your words reminded me of a true story I heard. A couple who were addicted to cigarette smoking sat with a pastor of a new church. He was trying to invite them to attend church. The man said explicitly, "Pastor, we smoke cigarettes. We are not going to stop smoking. We will leave church early and stand outside to catch a smoke." The pastor was fine with the what the man said. He also encouraged them to attend church. They attended regularly. Few weeks later, both became born again Christians. Again, they met with the pastor and repeated the words above. And again, he conceded. After attending church regularly for some weeks, they met with the pastor to complain. The man said, "Pastor, I do not know what happened that caused me to HATE smoking. Even my wife can not stand it any longer." He continued with more words.

    Hon, we are already acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. He is our shelter and our protector. When we find something that we know will not please God, we just need to approach Him in faith and submit to His Holy Spirit. He does all of the work. We submit and obey. For I do not know about you, but I am not smart enough or capable enough to stop any addictions in my life. It is only through His strength that I am able to live, survive, and thrive.

    emoticon for the thought provocation.
    1996 days ago
    I can understand where you are coming from. The message we preach is very important. It's our assignment from our Wonderful Creator. Jehovah knows what is in your heart. Don't give up in your endeavors. Not all people view others the same. Maybe, you are just the person needed to teach some in your territory. They may have the same issues you have and you can help them see that Jehovah sees what's on the inside. Our actions speak louder than anything.

    I am sure you will accomplish your goals. While in the Ministry, if you have a step tracker use it. You can accomplish two things at the same time.

    Your words ring true for so many of us. You are not alone in this struggle. Not only your weight, but in your desire to be approved by Jehovah.

    2003 days ago
  • MAMALISA1975
    It's kind of funny that you had mentioned that. I had been thinking along the same lines. I too use food as my "drug". Food is there for me when I need it, it makes me feel better, it doesn't judge me....but I do all those things to myself when I see what my addiction has done to my body- then to feel better for a while I go right back to my comfort all over again- a vicious cycle to say the least. Thanks so much for voicing those thoughts. emoticon
    2003 days ago
    emoticon Admission is the start of wisdom. Food is socially acceptable which makes it the worst drug of all (in my opinion) If you haul out any drug paraphernalia in a public place, you will be frowned at/moaned at/cops called on you....if you haul out a says anything.
    But you've been doing a great job so far. Keep up your good choices and you will see great results. This privilege is a once off try to enjoy it the best you can.
    2003 days ago

    I can certainly relate to the struggle you are having with food. The real challenge is to love yourself. Jesus said we were to love others "as you love yourself." Loving others comes easily to me; loving myself is a whole other story.

    The ministry is a challenge for me, too. Emotions override reason sometimes, and I forget that I am just the messenger.

    You are a dear person, Caddy, and Jehovah knows your struggles and your efforts, too. When there is sacrifice involved, He loves you all the more for trying.

    Claude xoxo
    2004 days ago
  • JOYFUL78
    I agree... reflection is wonderful. ty for sharing, yeh!!!!
    2004 days ago
    WOW! Potent reasoning. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Good for the rest of us to reflect upon them. Wishing you success in meeting your goals.
    2004 days ago
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