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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Feeling a bit crazy with emotions right now so I thought I'd blog to keep occupied. NS Victory: Not doing the emotional eating routine.

I have a million things on my mind that is causing me to feel overwhelmed with emotions. Here are a few.

1. Moving (stress and a little sadness)- I have 34 days to pack and move my things out of this apartment.. into a smaller house. Thank god for the shed out back of the house for storing boxes, that we don't NEED for a bit, outside. We're determined to make it work until we can find something that we can afford.. and until we can get set income. Of course we had to decorate for Christmas.. so that will have to come down within a couple days after Christmas so we can get everything moved. (Another couple up sides of the house.. no worrying about our kids being "too loud" in an apartment and our landlords are pretty easy going.. Haha. It's my in-laws. They really have helped us through so much!) Also wondering how I will get Exandria to school. There is no bus for getting her TO preschool.. only home. We have no running vehicle.. only the one that our in-laws are allowing us to use for Jeremy to get to work. (again.. thankful for my amazing in-laws.)

2. Bills- We are basically sub-leasing our trailer home (that we are buying.) She pays her rent.. and it goes straight towards the monthly payment. We basically make enough profit to drive down there to pick up the check and pay it.. and she is about a month and a half behind. We're working on it.. but it leaves us struggling for time with Christmas, our daughter's b-day, and our main bills. (I'm not overly concerned with Christmas as we do have some gifts bought.. but I need to buy a couple little things yet and can't. Did I mention our kids thought our chinchilla needed a stocking? Haha. So she is going to get some toys she can chew on.. instead of her ramps, etc. This one was more of a funny than a concern.. Our chinchilla can do without if it comes down to it.)

3. Marriage- I've thought alot lately about how after we got married things just got comfortable. I don't feel like we show each other we love each other enough.. so I am working on doing little things to remind my husband why he married me to begin with. Today so far, I have made his lunch for tomorrow and left him a note. I am really excited for the text or call I get tomorrow when he sees it.. because he always texts or calls me on his break anyways. (I am open to suggestions on some other nice things to do for him in my quest as well!)

Now I think I am off to go through a few things before picking the kids up from school. Then Levi has Tae Kwon Do, right after that is Parent Connections meeting for preschool, and then home for a late supper and getting kids ready for bed. Hope everyone. Sorry to vent on everyone.. I'm really not looking for sympathy.. Just a way to vent instead of taking it out on my hubby or any of my other loved ones.

Working on making these really cute felt diapers I found online for my daughter and 2 nieces. Exandria's will be for her birthday.. and the nieces will get them for Christmas. I'm really excited because they are cute.. and I know they are all getting dolls for Christmas from their nana so they will have fun diapers. My daughter was just sad that her baby diaper (that came with the doll) was not sticking anymore. The ones I am making will last lots longer.. and they have fun designs! Here is what they will look like. http://www.happytogethercreate

My FAVORITE presents of all time under our decorated tree:
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    Those diapers you are going to make are the cutest, t hey are going to love them! i am so sorry that you have so much going on, and I'm glad you are venting and putting it out there. I'm sure your hubby is going to love the note with his lunch, that was very sweet! emoticon
    2007 days ago
    It's good to hear from you! I'm glad you are getting the emotional eating under control (teach me how?) and are upbeat about the move (how stressful!!)
    Marriage? Showing love means speaking their love language. Great topic of conversation. Message me if you want to chat more. It's late, and I have to go to bed!
    2007 days ago
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