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Sometimes, I surprise myself

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Drop in at Tesco's (supermarket) on the way home from work. In the Bad Old Days I used to drop by one or other shop most days on the way home and stock up on chocolate, cakes, crisps, fizzy drinks, whatever. Then SparkPeople happened and things changed.

There I am in Tesco's looking at the bread. I don't keep bread in because I cannot control myself around it. Whereas I will EVENTUALLY get tired of chocolate, I have never reached my capacity with bread. I don't actually know what it is. I may not even HAVE an ultimate capacity for bread.

So me, looking at the bread counter and thinking, 'You've got that nice bit of goat cheese, unsullied so far. After you've eaten the last portion of beef stew, how about a roll and that goat cheese and some grapes. That would be nice, and an allowable treat, and the cheese is good for your calcium levels.'

And then I think 'Hold it. Right there. You had two chocolates at work today didn't you? Roses, and they are 60 calories each. Don't try to pretend they were only 50. You deliberately chose the biggest. If you remember you actually savoured them. You kept them in your mouth till they melted. Chocolate rarely tasted that good to you. It definitely seemed like a good idea at the time, yes? Well it wasn't. Nor was the nasty tuna mayo sandwich from the canteen because it had full fat mayo in it. No bread for you. And no cheese either. Forget the grapes. You chose chocolates.'

My own personal Voice of Reason. And what monstrous Epicurean sins DO I in fact commit at the checkout?

One kilo of Quaker Oats
One pint of skimmed milk
One and a half kilos of economy carrots

Eaten dinner, ended the day 2 calories under my lower limit. And the point is, I KNEW without checking that I hadn't got the calories for bread and cheese.

Now that IS the wow factor.

Just off for a quick buzz round the gym.

See you later.
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