Holy Wheat Intolerance, Batman!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Last week I had myself tested for a variety of foods and non-foods. I wasn't sure what to expect and quite frankly, the 'science' behind some blood and DNA tests can be a little hocus pocus, but given the amount of people having them done nowadays, what can be determined with any certainty is that people are feeling rotten and they are not sure why.

I was curious to see the results of my own test, especially since I seem to have developed a mental food allergy to wheat in the past few months. The books Wheat Belly and Why We Get Fat really did a number on me and I told myself that even if the tests showed up inconclusive, bread and grains were not something I ever wanted back in my diet.

I've read that the only true way to verify if you have a food allergy is to inject a tiny amount of the substance into your body to see how you react, but this seems extreme, expensive and time consuming, particularly as with my Paleo/Primal eating by elimination, I've been noting unpleasant reactions to foods I would have never thought affected me - foods such as milk, nuts, peanut butter and tomato sauce.

A few months ago, this detection would have been impossible. I felt so all-round sluggish and unwell, I could not pinpoint the culprit(s) if I tried. So I was very interested to see if the results would match up to my own observations. So here's what it said.

Wheat - high intolerance (honestly, I am happy this showed up, not that I had any of the classic symptoms)
Yeast - high intolerance (I had no clue about this one)
Dairy - medium to high intolerance (I suspected)
Nuts - medium to high intolerance (also suspected)
Aubergine (eggplant) - low to medium intolerance to nightshades (I had no idea. I have no problem with fresh tomatoes, tomato sauce however makes my lips feel swollen)
Fructose - medium to high intolerance (doh! Although I'm not sure what this means on a food test)
Curry - low to medium intolerance (again, no clue I had this, does it in some way relate to tomatoes I wonder?)
Pollen (this was also a surprise as I don't have typical allergy symptoms, well except for the red eyes. I always thought this was tiredness)

My husband said he has never seen anyone so happy to receive 'bad' results on a test. But I guess I'm happy because my body is learning to recognise what is good for it and telling me when something isn't. Welcome back, body! I promise to take better care of you and keep you away from foods that are harmful.

On the back of my allergy test was a footnote explaining that one should stay away from red results for a minimum of three years before reintroducing those foods. That seems a little strange and unreassuring, doesn't it? Wheat Belly says that if you are wheat intolerant, you will always be wheat intolerant, even if you don't have outwardly symptoms.

I remember my parents taking me to the doctor when I hit adolescence because of my migraines, lethargy and back of arm and leg rashes, only to be prescribed expensive hormonal cream that only made things worse. Finally, the doctors gave up trying to find what ailed me. If only they had known!

It is nice to have confirmation, even if it comes a lot later than I would have liked. At least I know what I have to continue to avoid.

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    Thank you for this post! I wonder about my daughter and allergies. She's only 2 years old, but has a terrible time with ear infections (due to sinus buildup/allergies) and eczema (outward sign of allergies). The doctors don't want to test her yet because of her developing immune system. They say her 'allergies' will change regularly as her immune system develops.

    Glad you're ok with the results and ready to move forward!
    3063 days ago
    Thanks for sharing your experience. I think it might help to point out that there is different types of sensitivities. Some foods, like sugar and wheat, are toxic for anybody, although the degree to which people respond to them may vary enough that some people are seemingly symptom-free, at least while they are younger. Other foods, like dairy, may be problematic in some variations but not in others. For instance some people can tolerate raw dairy because it contains lactase to digest lactose. Others can tolerate milk from A2 cows but not A1 (there is a genetic mutation in A1 which is the more common variety in the US). You can google and find out more. Grains can cause leaky gut syndrome that causes things to get out of your gut and into your bloodstream that don't belong there so read up on this condition. Often once the leaky gut is healed you can then tolerate things like dairy again.
    Peanuts are a very common allergen and they are a legume not a nut, so you may be ok with other nuts.
    So glad that you are finding some answers.
    3063 days ago
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    Fascinating that your tests revealed that you should be on the more strict "autoimmune protocol" meaning that you eliminate dairy, legumes (including peanuts), nightshades and tomatoes as well. I know you feel very vindicated in your current choices and that's a good thing for reinforcement during times when you might otherwise be tempted.
    3064 days ago
    Heleninca: this test was done by a lab and paid out of my own pocket. I'm planning a follow up test with my doctor. Not sure yet if the NHS covers allergy tests.

    Jurrassicsue: I highly recommend those books. Even if you don't suffer from any symptoms of wheat intolerance there are so many other people that do; people that don't have a clue that their weight gain and diabetes or other inflammatory illness may stem from a food intolerance. I mean, it's taken me this long to find out! The clinic told me that over 70 percent of folks getting tested have some sort of wheat or gluten intolerance. That's a lot of sick people. emoticon
    3064 days ago

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    I have had many allergy's and with asthma and hayfever recently I have stopped eating wheat and would like to be tested. What tests did you take and did your physician give them or a lab? Was it expensive or payed by insurance? I would appreciate information thanks Heleninca
    3064 days ago
    Thanks for posting this, very interesting. I need to read up more on food intolerance so may try those books you mention.
    3064 days ago
    3064 days ago
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    3064 days ago
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