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Day 87: Loving Myself Healthy, even on a bad day

Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 26 of 30days Thanksgiving challenge: I am grateful for patience & faith. Instead of losing my mind today when the head gasket blew on the van, I remained calm, said some prayers, asked for help & LET GO LET GOD.

Today has been a heck of a day. After all is said & done, my caloric range was low, and I didn't go hog wild eating compulsively despite my stress level being so high. I started the day off at LINCARE getting my CPAP machine. I got very stressed while there & even cried like an idiot. It didn't help that my friend told me that I look like Darth Vadar. Great. I already feel fat & ugly. Now I'm going to be uglier. GRRR. Then I went to ring the Bell for Salvation Army. My DIL was supposed to meet me there with a chair. She was late and I was in serious pain trying to stand. Finally had to sit on the side of the building.... she was late because the van broke down. She finally got it limped over to the mall where I was. I called my friend Brandy's husband and he came to my rescue. Turned out that the head gasket was blown. He put something to stop the leaks temporarily and that allowed me to drive the van out to his shop where it is sitting now waiting to be repaired. Many phone calls & arrangements later, everyone is covered for rides through Wednesday morning. Remember, I have 1 vehicle and a LOT of folks to get hither and yon, along with babysitting the grandchildren across town. I've got a substitute for my classes and rides for Paul to & from work tomorrow. I've got a ride set up for the OA meeting tomorrow night. I'm just trying to squeeze the budget and pray. I was already late on rent and now am going to have to figure out how to pay rent and still get the van back. Top it all off with being this close to Christmas time. I'm frustrated and stressed but I am going to just have faith and know that everything is going to work out for the best. I was trying to think of some ways to make some extra money.... maybe it's time to get my crochet hook smokin' again. Anyway... now I am home... Becca got a ride home from someone at work, Paul walked home from AZ, Michael & the kids are stuck over at the granddaughters' house until someone can bring them home. SIGH. One day at a time. That's what we've got. Bright blessings to you all. LOVE, Dawn
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    I'm with you on the finances. Something unexpected always seems to pop up, doesn't it? It's frustrating and stressful. -- Lou
    2001 days ago
    I really wish we could post pictures when we comment on blogs and/or post a picture in a spark mail so i could show you what style of mask I use on my C-pap and see if what i use would work for you......it is far from ugle and definately not a Darth vader look....so sorry your friend made that comment whens he saw you were already upset......so maybe if I put the link to the pic of my mask you can just copy and paste it into your browser to open it up and look at it if your interested.


    I love my mask......I dont know what C-pap machine you have or if this is exclusivly a style for my machine which is a Resmed brand........here is a link to the picture of my machine so yu will have a refernece.


    I sure hope you will soon fall in love with useing a c-pap.

    I will be praying for a mircle on your van repairs!!!!!!!!!!

    Bless you!
    2004 days ago
    I am thinking of you today and wishing for something good to happen for you. Lots of stress in your life all the time. I know a head casket sounds bad but we have had them go in the past on our vans and they were too expensive. Hopefully things will be better tomorrow.
    2004 days ago
    2004 days ago
    Sorry to hear this news and I hope something can be worked out with your finances and the van. Thinking of you!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2004 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    Right, one day at a time, let go and let GOD! Remember, you
    said that. I know life gets frustrating at time, I know where you
    are coming from. God never gives us more than we can handle

    Do your part, HE will do his. Stay calm, don't let the stress get
    to you.

    Love ya.
    2004 days ago
    Of course your food intake was low yesterday; you had too much else on that plate!!

    I'm sorry to hear of all your challenges yesterday. Sometimes (only sometimes, not always) it helps me to remember a Tony Robbins question: "What's good about this problem?" Is there anything good that will come from this? Did something good happen that wouldn't have if yesterday had been different?

    And as far as Darth Vader is concerned, you will have the last laugh after just a few nights of refreshing, rejuvenating sleep!!

    You will survive this, I'm sure of it. Your attitude of gratitude will not allow anything else! I collect gratitude quotes wherever I can find them. The one I think of for you is "A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor." You have so many skills and abilities, you're going to sail right through this.

    I am absolutely, 100% positive of this!


    2005 days ago
    I have stood where you are right now. And the feelings of frustration and desparation are so overwhelming. You have come through so many storms already...just hang in there! Keep Sparkin'!!!
    2005 days ago
    I know those CPAP masks are not very fashionable but it's like medicine that tastes really bad - you use it anyway because it will make you feel much better. I am sure that a bit of daily use is going to make all the difference for you.

    I am sorry about the van. I know from experience that the head gasket is not an easy (or inexpensive) fix. Hoping for a little Christmas 'miracle' for the van.

    I do think crocheting is a great idea. My friend's MIL sells her work online and makes good money doing it.

    Sending prayers your way...
    2005 days ago
    Well, I'm sure your friend didn't mean that mean- but it sounded a little insensitive considering you're already nervous about all this. No worries my friend. You are beautiful inside and out and only Paul will see you in your 'get up' at night...so all is well. I hope you sleep the sleep of angels.
    I'm sorry about your van, too, and I know too well how stressful that can be. Hang in there!
    On the crocheting...look at etsy.com
    My dh says all kinds of people are making money- with their crochet hooks! You might be onto something.
    Love you, Di
    2005 days ago
    I'm sorry to read about the van. I was hoping that whatever was wrong would be a quick, easy fix for you. Head gaskets sound like serious money. Ah Dawn, I'm truly sorry. I don't have anything to say to make it feel better but just want you to know that i sure feel for you and will be saying prayers that your load gets lightened soon. I do admire your indomitable spirit. I know you must feel down sometimes, but somehow you always manage to pull through it. One day at a time. How right you are! God Bless and you have my prayers and best wishes heading your way.
    2005 days ago
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