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What size in May?

Monday, November 26, 2012

I was reading Nikki's blog today, and it made me think about my "wedding dress story".

More than 10 years ago I had to buy my wedding dress way bigger than my actual size because it was post pregnancy emoticon and I was gaining 4 pounds per months (thanks crazy hormones) sad...especially because I could only find my size in those two stores in Paris that did carry larger sizes, I didn't have many choices in my price range (or just in my size). The dresses I liked didn't exist in sizes bigger than 10 or 12. I looked like a big meringue in that dress....I really didn't like it, even if it didn't look so bad on the photos but...I was soooo frustrated...too much lace, too much volume...just not me at older daughter picked my dress and her dress to match also with the baby's dress, I think she got inspired by Barbie or something...she said she wanted a princess dress, and she was so happy to be involved!...anyway...I was glad she was 5 at that time and was interested by wedding dresses, because I really didn't like anything in those stores!

My husband did ask me to get married long before the children were born (the first two) and I did say yes on the spot to the idea, but I didn't feel like really doing it...for many reasons. First my best friend who was supposed to be my "maid of honor" died in an accident. And I had a hard time to picture my wedding without her. My husband also knew her for many years, he understood. Plus, even if I was not obese before the kids, I was never happy with my weight/figure and wanted to look great in a dress... I had mixed feelings about my body image even at that time. Now I think it was stupid, I could have looked really good in a size 12/14...but I can't change the past...

After my first child I became obese and it was a no no. But my husband is really stubborn (and clever), and after the second baby he plaid the card "it would really please my grandma" since I loved her so much...and she was getting sick...I finally said yes to actually do it....finally.

In France many people have children and never get married, or get married after they have their is "less formal" compare to the US I think. Here all my American friends got married before their children were born...they are always surprised when I tell them we got married with two of our children, even if we already knew each other for almost thirteen years at that time!.... Here people get married fast, sometimes after dating six months or one's just a different culture.

So when hubby told me last February that we should renew our wows for our anniversary and do something fun, I had to admit I was thinking about it too...and I bought a cheap (but lovely) dress on sale ....(size 16, I was very optimistic! but I knew I was also going to start my diet at some point, and finally I did a few months later, in August)....we are now waiting for our friends to come visit us to do a little ceremony in May or Vegas, do something hilarious (with Elvis, or something really exotic/silly) and then take pictures at the beautiful Red Rock Park.

Right now I'm a size 22...long way to go to reach 16! in my case to go from 24/26 to 22 it took me 33 pounds and 3 months!....and since I'm in plateau since my injury...I do not know how long it will take me to lose enough (I need probably a loss of 60 pounds) to go to a size 18...and I might need to buy an other dress if it can not be altered that much well...will see! but it's not a real wedding, it's just to do something special and make memories/photos with our friends and all our children together... I will donate the dress(es) to Goodwill after, so at least even if I can not use the one I got now, something good will come of it...and just being able to buy a nice dress that didn't look like a meringue was already a great thing...and such a good goal for my diet...
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    You are going to be a beautiful bride no matter what size you are. Just do the best you can do and whatever size you are when your special day comes, you will look fabulous! emoticon emoticon
    2030 days ago
    I totlly get it. I got married at a size 28, and didn't loev my dress. I'm already thinking about renewing our vows and wearing adress that I love. No matter what size though, you will be beautiful and your husband will once again be a lucky man!
    2030 days ago
    Hi Sandra!
    I SO understand your wedding dress story. I too got married after my second son, and wore a dress that I didn't love. Although I hated my hair more I think. You are right seems that getting married is a good thing, but the actual event sometimes is too much hoopla.
    We aren't french, but I wasn't set on the actual paper that made us married, because in my mind we already were suppose to be togther indefinitely!

    So, I know how you feel, and we plan to do the same at 10 years. I have 2 more years to get where I want. But it isn't him that wants me there, it's me. We should celebrate that our husbands are amazing and love us whatever shape size or condition we are in!!!

    Cheers to May! We will be with you on the journey!!
    PS. they say about 10- 15 pounds is equivalent to a size...I know you will reach your goal!!!!
    2030 days ago
    I want to congratulate your renewal of vow. That is fantastic !! Not many hubby will ask to get renewal of vow nowadays in America. Consider that you are one of lucky girl who's husband love her sincerely. He has asked you to get renewal of vow when you were in size maybe 24/26?? So I do not think it does not matter for him regards of your size being 24 or maybe 18.

    But I do understand about how you feels about yourself and how you want to be that day.
    I think if you will be positive about your weight loss journey and not beat yourself up. You will make it thru. I am sorry about your injury and that of fact your injury may preventing you from not able to move or do exercise like you want to be. Hang in there... Do what you can right now and be positive. We all go thru some kind of plateau in our journey. When time like you are experiencing plateau, maybe it is good to focus on how healthy you have become, interns of doing exercise and being able to adapt to eat healthy foods. Losing weight is not just about the number game. It is how you feels and what you have learned in times of your journey. Scale may not move right now, but I am pretty sure you feels much better then before. We all want to lose 10 pound a week. But that is not possible and if its possible, you must doing something very unhealthy to losing that way, and that type of weight loss will come right back in teams of my experience. Hang in there.. You will make it. We all make it together.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2031 days ago
    That is a great story and it does put it in perspective. Whatever size I buy my dress in it will be much smaller than the 22 I began this journey at. Thank you for writing and this blog and congratulations on your renewal of vows. It is clear your hubby loves you no matter what since he had to beg you for ten years to be his wife! emoticon
    2031 days ago
    Your plan sounds like fun!

    Who cares what size the dress is as long as you enjoy yourself?

    And hey, you still get to wear a wedding dress twice...some of us don't ever get that chance.
    2031 days ago
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