My cardio streak ends at 572 days...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Yesterday was my 572nd consecutive day of cardio but today was not my 573rd...

I want to thank all of you who have been cheering me on and even those of you who have been right there with me. Things were great yesterday - I did cardio and then strength. However, at the end of one of the strength sets, "it" hit me suddenly and without warning. "It" came at me like a lightning bolt and I knew I was in trouble... BOOM! It was the dreaded flu monster and I didn't see it coming.

Basically, I don't get sick. It's one of those things that I credit to good genetics. As an adult, I had never been hospitalized until that little problem with excess weight back in 2008. If not for that, I probably would never have found SparkPeople, so it was a silver lining to a potentially dark cloud.

I've been up since about 0800 this morning. I ate a small breakfast and promptly lost it back again (after having everything I ate yesterday come back up after the flu monster hit). It's not fun...

Today was spent snoozing on the sofa while catching up on Dexter and The Borgias, although I only remember some of it, haha.

I may take another day off tomorrow then get back on the horse about Wednesday or so, depending on how soon this bug leaves me. My plans are to do cardio only about five or six days a week now. I think that's manageable.

572 days, probably not a record but it got me where I needed. May you all have a 573 day streak!
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