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Monday, November 26, 2012

My Ideal Protein coach said that this first week was going to be brutal. She has gone through the protocol. I suppose weighing my true feelings on day one was somewhat of a misguided attempt at confidence. This morning is terrible. It might have been the fact that I measured my blood sugar and it was 286. I did not take my third dose of metformin in fears that my blood sugar would get too low. I also need to remember that this is a transition that begins between days two and four. I am retraining my pancreas to function normally. These facts did not make me any happier. I was hungry BEFORE I went to bed. I didn’t sleep very well either. I am cranky. I am tired. Driving to work this morning was like driving Indy. So my coach was right, this first week is hard. I had to haul around a case of mash potatoes for Thanksgiving. I thought to myself how wonderful it would be to eat all 24 pounds of them, steaming warm with a slab of butter on top. Then I get a quick visual in my mind of being the freshman AND senior me supported by 8 pounds of bone. Then I get frustrated. The frustration isn’t something that will derail me off the protocol. It’s simply frustration. I do realize, however, that this protocol is going to ultimately save my life. It is going to be a battle.
Tomorrow is officially Thanksgiving. My brother and his wife are hosting this year. It will be full of family and food. Old habits will need to die hard and fast. My Mom makes the rolls, Parker House rolls whose recipe has been in the family for years. They are to die for. Like any other bread product in this phase, it is off limits. Rightfully so, too. I will leave those and other bad foods for everyone else to eat. In reality, having turkey and veggies is a great meal. I shouldn’t complain, and I’m not really complaining. Just going to be full of temptations. Then comes Friday where we go visit my sister-in-law and do it all over again. I figure if I can get through these two days, I can get through anything. By Saturday, I should be in full ketosis mode. I will not stop this train from moving forward. The Little Engine That Could had it right. I think I can I think I can, however for me, it is I know I can I know I can I know I can. It has to be my mantra. All joking aside, succeeding on the Ideal Protein protocol is 95% mental will power. If I can wrap my head around this system and stay committed, the results are scientifically proven to follow. This isn’t a bunch of quacks sitting in a boardroom trying to make money. This diet was originally created to help athletes shed unwanted pounds without losing any lean muscle mass. Are they getting rich now? I suppose so. All the power to them really. The creators of Ideal Protein had no idea 25 years ago that their product is ultimately saving lives. Sound principles and to follow the diet is absolutely idiot proof.

I can say that feeling the way I do today, I wouldn’t want to cheat and go backwards. I would have to feel this way again. My head hurts. I’m not hungry really. I still feel my chicken salad that I ate two hours ago. I do feel a little run down. I attribute this feeling to a car, running on fumes. As my carbohydrate load gets depleted, my tank begins to empty. When I reach ketosis, I can refill my tank. The energy I will feel then is worth every bit of discomfort I feel today. I will have an abundance of energy that will not run out for quite some time. If I have 187 pounds of fat in my body, as my composition sheet states, at 3500 calories per pound, that’s 654,500 calories waiting to be burned. That’s a lot of fuel. My BMR is about 2400 calories. I believe it is actually more than that based on my composition. I believe the scale I stood on spit that out based on my height. Regardless I will use the 2400 calories figure. If I am eating 850 calories during the day, the other 1550 calories required to meet my BMR level will be coming from fat. In a week, that is a deficit of over 10,000 calories. All those calories will need to come from fat stores. Understand, too, that the BMR (basal metabolic rate) is the caloric requirement to watch TV all day. That doesn’t include exercise. This is important and why simple math doesn’t lie. You don’t have to be a wizard for this to work.

I try to think of it as a prescription, as my coach suggested. The food I eat is prescribed by my physician, as are the supplements. NOT taking this “medicine” could prove unhealthy. I am not concerned about the cost. Is it expensive? Of course it is, but what is the alternative? Think about it. I am on this protocol because my poor health will ultimately end my life prematurely. That is very selfish of me to do to the people I love, let alone myself. My body is DYING, literally, to be in ketosis, to be healthy. From an evolutionary stand point, our bodies run optimally in a keto-adapted state. It wasn’t until the modern lifestyle changed our body chemistry. As a society, we need to change this paradigm. This obesity epidemic is costing healthy people more money in insurance premiums. It is a burden to the health care system. Why are insurance companies paying for a surgical procedure to solve the weight loss problem but will not pay for a program like Ideal Protein? There is absolutely no logic to that whatsoever. As I said before, there is no money in prevention. This proves it, in my opinion.
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