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Trying to Keep it Light...

Monday, November 26, 2012

I had an awesome Thanksgiving week and it was a great mix of family, food, fitness (sort of), shopping with just a little family drama thrown in for good measure! After all, a holiday weekend without any drama just wouldn't be a holiday weekend! LOL Just to calm any fears you have that I'm talking Halle Berry drama, don't worry...it wasn't anything like THAT! No hospitals or police...just some stuff my girlies are going through. Growing pains I guess. *sigh*

I have to confess that I didn't care all that much about eating right or being on point with my fitness. I'm still angry at my body since my knee is still revolting against me. And that's the thing I'm trying really, REALLY hard not to focus on right now...my anger at my body betrayal. Just when I think it is starting to feel better, I get a sharp reminder that something isn't right in my old knee. I'm thinking I might actually need to make a doctor appointment...I'm going to go for a light run tomorrow morning and see how it goes. If it's painful even a little, then the doctor is getting called. Period.

So I started to realize yesterday that this is my first true "injury" that has kept me from truly working out and I have to also realize that I'm not handling it very well at all. But I'm also starting to realize that if I can't exercise at the intensity that I want to, then I darn better be exercising to the best of my ability and within my capabilities. And I darn better be eating right. Because getting sidelined with an injury is one thing...but allowing a silly little injury to equal a total backslide is just ridiculous and defies every. single. thing I have worked so hard to learn over the past three plus years!!!!

So even though I'm angry, it doesn't mean I can keep going like I've been. Time to rein it back in.

On other fronts, I'm still rocking my turkey tracking challenge of not having any candy from the candy jar! I have five more days to go and I'm confident that I'm going to meet my goal. It's been close a few times, but I'm very determined to achieve this goal! And so far, that determination is still working even when my brain and body are sabotaging every other effort. LOL Hey - as long as I can do this one thing for this week I'll be happy!!!

I definitely realize that I need to be thankful for everything else I have in my life...I can't gripe too much because I really do feel very blessed to have so much in my life - things like health, family, love, friendship. If for some reason I could never run again (God forbid!!!) I would still be alive and able to enjoy the sunshine on my face and a beautiful blue sky. I need to remember that.

Alright Spark Friends - I hope that each and every one of you had a fabulous holiday! Keep fighting the good fight!
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