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Monday, November 26, 2012

I'm a bit traumatised by the tinned salmon I just bought for dinner. I thought it would be like tuna; skinned and boned and all chopped up into bite-size pieces. I did not think I would have to pick out the spine one vertebra at a time from a slab of fish meat.
Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew.

Anyway, as I said in my status I have quite a few calories left over today (a few less after upping my pasta portion), but I'm not all that hungry. This is REALLY strange for me as sometimes I can be in my range and feel hungry enough to eat a whole cow.
I suspect it's the effects of the last week. Normally I'm way down the bottom of my calorie range, but last week (on holiday) I was way up at the top of the range, even over it a couple of days. My poor stomach must be used to around 1400 calories-worth of food so when I throw 1800 at it, it can't quite keep up.

Yet another lesson learned: 1400 calories is not enough for me with the amount of exercise I do. I'm fairly sure you're not supposed to feel whole-cow hungry with SP. BUT 1800 is too much if I want to be able to eat the next day. So for now I'm going to aim for around 1600 calories per day.

VIH was very sneaky today. I thought about going running this morning and he said 'no you don't want to go now, it's dark outside! Wait til later'. Sounds reasonable; you don't always want to be running round in the dark with the world the way it is. So I waited until I got home from work...oh look it's dark again!
Well nuts to you, VIH. I have a gym membership so I'm going right now to run on their treadmill. So there.
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    OMG I did the same thing when I bought some canned salmon!! I thought it would be skinless and boneless like tuna, and then I spent like half an hour picking through it all. EW. And the can had the nerve to try to tell me that it contained soooo much calcium! I'm like, that is from BONES and I do not want that calcium! If I want calcium, I'll drink some milk or eat some veggies - I don't want to get it from icky fish bones!

    Sorry you, too, had to find out the hard way that you have to look for cans that specifically say "skinless & boneless salmon." But it sounds like you're figuring out your calorie situation quite nicely! And way to go on the gym trip. :)
    1968 days ago
    Yes, I think the bones in there is very disgusting too. I'm not sure why they can't take them out like they do for tuna!!

    Way to go on not letting your VIH to get the better of you.
    1970 days ago
    It's all a balance - sounds like you're finding where you should be!
    1970 days ago
    I HATE tinned salmon. When I was little my grandma used to buy it and mash the bones in and made sandwiches. Can you imagine giving anything that disgusting to a small child? To this day I can't bear it tinned and I'm not keen on fresh either.

    In the UK we get tinned tuna steak. I've only once ever found a bone in that. Much nicer too!
    1970 days ago
    1970 days ago
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