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Monday, November 26, 2012

December is about here, so I'm going to start on December early. Otherwise, knowing me, I'll pull the "I've been crappy for a week now, so I might as well wait to start in December". Well, that's no good, so I'm making today the start of December for me ;). It may be a stupid mental thing, but stupid mental things are what are going to work for me for the time being.

I don't have long to write, so this is going to be as detailed, yet quickie, as possible.

Mom has challenged me to get to a certain weight by January 21st. Which would be doable if I were at the weight I was supposed to hit two weeks ago. As it stands... It's doable, just not in the recommended 1-2 pounds a week way. Ha! So that's going to be a good time. Luckily I weigh enough that it's doable for that reason alone... Should I hop on the eating well and exercising bandwagon.

On that note...

Exercise: 5 days a week (minimum), with at least 30 minutes per day (minimum). The HUGE goal is to get my tush out of bed and do it in the morning. But I'm going to stick with the smaller, possible goal as the actual goal.

Nutrition: Stay in range, eating mostly clean foods. I'm not at the point yet where I can eradicate all processed foods - mainly because it requires thinking I don't want to do beyond what I already have on my plate. So the major goal is quite simply to up the freggies and use those as the base of my meals.

Other: FLOSS. This sounds stupid and I do it... Not everyday. I need to do it everyday. I know, I know, stop yelling at me. This is why I'm making it a goal. And set up new budget accounting for putting money away for summer months. This isn't a whole month goal, actually it needs to be done BY December. Nonetheless, it goes on the I need to update you part of the list.

Ok, that was easy. Time to go be a teacher.
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