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I love NSV's!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Today is day 271 of my "on track" streak!

I love the feeling of being on track. That doesn't mean that I am perfect! I certainly am not. There are days when I don't workout as hard as I should, and there are days where I eat something that is not very healthy, or I am very close to going over my calories. But although each day isn't perfect, there are good moments in every day!

As many of my Spark friends know, I'm not a big fan of getting on the scale. I weighed myself when I started my streak on March 1, 2012, in order to get my starting weight. (And it was a horrible shock to see that I weighed 286 lbs!) But after getting my starting weight, I said goodbye to the scale. I'm not trying to lose NUMBERS. I'm trying to lose SIZES. I'm not trying to get thin. I'm trying to get healthy. Thats what my streak has been all about. It was never about getting to a certain weight. Its always been about saving my life and being as healthy as I possibly can be.

So every day, I do as much as I can to benefit my health. Some days are better than others. I'm sure you've all heard that its important to take steps towards your goals every day, even if its just baby steps. Well, there have been days when I couldn't even take a baby step...I just crawled! But I never STOPPED, and I never took a step backwards. I'm proud of that! (But even if I had taken a step backwards, I know I would not give up. I would just start over.)

The funny thing is, once I started focusing on my health, the weight started coming off! At first I had no idea how much weight I was losing, because I wasn't weighing myself. But I sure did have a lot of NSV's (non scale victories) to celebrate! My clothes were getting looser...and I was able to wear smaller and smaller sizes. I remember the day I packed up my size 3X clothes for donation, because they just hung on me. I couldn't stop smiling all day long! And it was the same way when I "un grew" my size 2X clothes! I went from size 3x to XL without stepping on a scale, and it felt great.

When I did finally weigh myself for a team challenge, (on August 13) I was thrilled to see that I'd lost 65 lbs. At the end of the challenge (3 weeks later) I weighed in again and had lost 6 lbs more, for a total of 71 lbs. I was so happy about that, but you know what? It was just a number, and although I was proud of it, it didn't mean nearly as much to me as my NSV's have.

I've had so many NSV's since I started my streak last March. Prior to my streak, I must confess that I basically lived in nightgowns. I was so obese, I didn't feel comfortable in anything else. But now I get up in the morning and get dressed in my workout clothes right away. (I call it my Warrior Gear, lol.) Its an absolute thrill to be able to wear size Large t-shirts! They look so small to me, and when I put them on I still marvel that they fit me. And I feel so proud of myself because I know...I worked hard to be able to fit into them! My next goal is to move down to a size Medium t shirt.

And there are other NSV's. The fact that I have so much stamina and energy now is a HUGE non scale victory! I literally used to get out of breath just walking from the bed to the en suite bathroom...but not anymore! When I go to the grocery store, I used to park as close to the entrance as possible, but now I park as FAR AWAY from the entrance as I can! I don't get out of breath, and I don't limp from plantar fascia pain. I walk without pain, and with a bounce in my step!

But my favorite NSV is the closeness with my hubby. Before my streak, my stomach was so huge...when hubby would hug me, I'd try to suck in my gut, but there was still way too much of my belly in between us. I would always feel embarrassed, so I would avoid his hugs as much as possible. I didn't feel like a woman...I just felt like an enormous blob. But now, I love hugs! His arms can go all the way around me now, and I feel like a woman again.

I will probably weigh myself again on New Years day, and I know I will be happy with whatever number I get on the scale. But it won't matter to me as much as NSV's do!

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