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Day 161: Still here! Still rambly!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Well, I suppose I should take a couple minutes to update everyone on what's going on out here in cheap, cheap bastard land.

On Thanksgiving I ran my first ever five mile race. I actually walked a little toward the end and that was probably because 1) all of the 5K people turned off and finished (BOO!) and the last 3/4ths of a mile I was surrounded by other people who were clearly struggling. I watched one woman's YouTube video once and her third or fourth piece of race-day advice was to power past people who have slowed down to walk or struggling - she likened them to energy suckers.

I hate to say that I now know I agree.

Mostly it's because seeing other people walk makes me feel like it's not so bad if I walk too. It makes it easier to bargain with myself. It makes it so, so simple to just say "I'll walk to that cone and then run again."


I finished in 1 hour flat - which equates to 12 minute miles. Much slower than I usually go. The trot was busy with lots of other runners and people with strollers and people with dogs. It was congested and at several points it simply bottlenecked. The worst part was that when I finished the recovery bits (i.e. water station, bagels, bananas etc) were all gone! Well, not gone, but put away! WTF. I know that people wanted to be able to get home to their own Thanksgiving, but I wound up with a serious case of sand-brain (or that dry feeling like all of your brain juice has dried up and the prelude to something very much what I imagine a migrane feels like) because I couldn't get anything to drink after the race. I don't think disappointing was the word. So, I'm planning on writing a note to the race organizers, suggesting they plan to have people there until the clocks are actually taken down from the race. If the clock's still running there should be someone there to support the finishing runners, just my opinion.

In other news I met the people from my new running club! I also bought some inspirational gear from them! Runner of steel arm warmers! Going to come in handy during these winter month runs, that's for sure! They're very friendly, in my age group, and EXTREMELY welcoming.

So glad to have found them.

Speaking of the running group they've managed to get Jeff Galloway (You know, that guy who's a famous running coach and founder of the Galloway Method of training.) Lots of people use his stuff for their first 5K and his run-walk method is very well regarded. So, I'm excited to go and see him speak and get to do a training run with him! Unfortunately, it's the same day as the Jingle Bell run, which I had hoped to do. However, the Jingle Bell run was a 5K and I think I'll gain more by doing the 5 miler with Galloway.

Let's see... Calorie watch has been going well. Down to 193 this morning and rapidly closing in on my 180's goal for the end of the year. Very, VERY, excited to see that event. I can't wait to see the number 189 on my scale.

So, I haven't been around much because I feel like a lot of my blogs are repeatitive. "Oh, I'm plateauing!" "Oh, the plateau is over!" "Oh, wait, nevermind!" Lather. Rinse. Repeat. So, I'm struggling to find new and interesting things to write about.

Today's new and interesting thing is that I'm really glad a few of you have learned to love Mod Cloth as much as I do! Just pay attention to the reviews! Seriously, they're usually pretty good.

(Also glad that you guys love the Coach Tour dress as much as I do (Especially you, PomatoJuice.)

So, at 295 minutes this week I'm really proud of myself. I'm going to get a walk in this afternoon just so I can push that number over the edge :)

Alright, time to work! Welcome back from holiday, everyone! Here's the countdown starting until christmas!
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    12 min is my best time so far. Actually I think I got under 12 once. So when you were struggling at the end, what was the biggest issue for you? Legs burning? I ask because im still not sure what's normal to expect. The neighborhood where I run is pretty hilly and my legs are always burning and I get so frustrated about it. Is that normal or am I doing something wrong? Is it my shoes? I have newish Nike running shoes but like I didn't go to an expert and get fit for them or anything. I just need to know is this the mental aspect that I just have to learn to get past or is it not supposed to be like that and there's some variable that I need to change? Cuz I feel like the legs burning thing is what holds me back the most.

    Anyway, keep posting. You have the plateau thing, I have the psycho rants cuz I can't learn to say no and then I hate myself. Whatever! Sometimes I think I have to stop posting before people really think I'm nuts but then I think... I am kind of nuts so that's probably unavoidable. At least I'll have a record to refer to. And maybe some other nuts will look at me and think if I can keep at it so can they.

    Hope you crack the 180s soon! I know you will.
    2031 days ago
    How very rude of the race organizers to pack up and leave!! Losers!!
    I had to google ModCloth...nice.
    I wanted to do a Jingle Bell run but my hubbie doesn't want to run in the cold (wimp!) emoticon I'd go without him, but if I go, he'll go and then I'll feel guilty, especially should he get sick or something....
    Have a great day!
    2031 days ago
    The running group sounds like just what you needed! I've always been happy with a 12 min mile. It was like.. the fail marker in middle school. You had to do at least that for a 1 mile run. So hell, doing 5 of those back to back and keeping that pace? Awesomesauce! I'm glad to hear that you've been keeping up with the exercise and your food hasn't gotten away from you!

    Also.. I can't believe they just packed up and left like that at your race! That just seems wrong! :/
    2031 days ago
    I think you are being so very hard on yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back for getting out there and doing a 5 mile run. Boy, I would be walking the entire thing. I know exactly what it is like during walk/runs when the strollers, slow walkers bottleneck. In fact, my pet peeve is when someone cuts in front of me, slows to a crawl and practically trips me up. Congratulations. It is hard to do a personal best under pressure. But you faced the pressure, completed the run and sounds like you lost some pounds as well. Right On! Here's to your next run! emoticon emoticon
    2031 days ago
    2031 days ago
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