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Sunday, November 25, 2012

I've had a lot of changes in the last month and being honest, I haven't dealt with the stress very well at all. Everything lately has seemed to revolve around "before the marathon" and "after the marathon". It's a constant comparison in my head. I seem to have lost my motivation, drive and dedication somewhere out there in those 26.2 miles. I am determined to get all 3 of them back!!!!

So, here's the update (in bullet points, cause that's how I'm rollin' tonight. Actually I just can't seem to pull myself together enough to make a good blog, and I feel like I need to just get it out there) :

1. Since the marathon, I've had an injured right knee and the nagging pain has left me frustrated (had an MRI, nothing surgical at this point...).
2. My usual therapy of running has been nearly extinct, albeit a 1-2 mile run here and there.
3. We cancelled our gym membership as we have moved too far away to get to the YMCA.
4. We moved, about an hour away from the cities. Sooooo faaaarrr awwwaayyy.
5. I am starting a new job tomorrow. I'm nervous, to say the least.
6. I have gained 10 lbs since the marathon.
7. We sold our house and moved into a new one last week (we actually close on our house on 12/14).
8. I make a very good almond buttercream frosting and it is SCREAMING at me from my fridge right now.
9. I have to find a new gym and this terrifies me too. There is one pretty close, but the routine of going isn't there anymore. I have had my Y membership for 4 years and it's been a habit. It's been a second home, a terrific community of people, and not just any people, friends. It will be hard to create a new routine and find new "family".
10. I have to make some new friends. This is very difficult for me. I am *technically* an extrovert, however, I am SUPER close to being an introvert. I have a very difficult time making conversation with people that I don't know. I always say, I have enough friends and the few friends that I have, I'm happy with. I love them, why do I need MORE friends? Well, now that I am so far from some of those friends and SO far from my family, I will need a few more friends. Not just for me, but for my family. A babysitter, an emergency contact for the school, someone to just have a drink with now and then. Lots to think about. This terrifies me.

I am so overwhelmed with so much to do. And one day at a time is taking TOO long. I like my life in order. Living in boxes is not in order. :(

I keep saying I have to do this and I have to do that. I just need to do it. So first things first. Tomorrow I will start my new job and the girls will start their new school. Tuesday we will do the same. And then, on Wednesday (my day off), I will go for a run in my new neighborhood. I will run with no plan, I will just run and see where it takes me. I will also go to the new Community Center and I will check it out. I will get a tour and find out what it's about. I will see if it's a good fit for my family.

And then.....this weekend I will meet up with two of my favorite people and fellow Sparklers, ERINBEAR1876 and _COSMOPAULATAN_. Hooray for SparkFriends!!!!
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    To say you have stress in your life would be an understatement! I can't imagine doing all of those things at once but you're an incredibly strong person who follows her heart and I just know this is all going to work out the way it should. It sounds like there's a bit of a perfectionist in you who wants to have it all fixed right now but it's OK if life's a little scary right now. Change is scary!! Trying to focus on everything at once can be overwhelming. It all goes through your mind and by the time you are done going through everything you have to do you're so exhausted and don't do anything and sit down and eat your magnificent looking cake that you posted of FB. I get it!!!! Focus on one area at a time. I know things will fall into place for you. Hugs to you lady!!! I hope you had a fabulous day off today. :)
    3055 days ago
    It's not like your life has been stressful or anything!! Tamie, give yourself some grace. Moving is one of the most difficult things someone can go through... but not only are you holding it together for yourself, you are holding it together for your girls and that's more pressure. So, be kind to yourself. Run just to run. I can gain 10 pounds in a weekend... you put them on, you'll take them off. Life will even out. You'll make new friends. You'll make new drinking buddies. I think I need to take a chapter out of your book and do the same because I don't have many friends that I can turn to and just see on the flip of a dime. The ones I do have aren't the most reliable people on the planet, and everyone else is too dang far away from me. I guess what I am rambling on about is I see myself in your story, again, so thanks. I love you. You've got this. You always do.
    3058 days ago
    the only constant in life,IS change. You have a great plan,it is an adventure. you will fine in ur new place.
    3058 days ago
    the only constant in life,IS change. You have a great plan,it is an adventure. you will fine in ur new place.
    3058 days ago
    emoticon It sounds like you have a great plan for your week! Have fun meeting up with your Spark buddies! I wished I had a couple buddies on Spark People I could meet up with where I live! I wish you the best with your running! I injured my left leg because of the way my foot is shaped and my tendons in the back of my leg cause pain every time I bend or climb stairs. I went to the foot doctor and he says that if these temporary pads help, then he wants to put me in custom inserts, but the bad part is that insurance won't cover them. I don't have the money to pay for them! I just keep praying God will work this out! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3058 days ago
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