10 Reasons To Get Healthy

Sunday, November 25, 2012

This week's question in our group:

"What are 10 Reasons To Get Healthy"?

1. To respect myself as a beautiful, worthy woman able to love me and others unconditionally.

2. To build a stronger self inside and out, eliminating meds and illnesses.

3. To create more intimacy with my spouse and myself, for a more loving and appreciating relationship.

4. To have a more balanced and healthy heart, body, soul and spirit by eating clean, exercising diligently and playing, loving and celebrating heartfully.

5. To earn more energy for playtime, remembering to take care of me by remembering to breath, meditate and do more yoga.

6. To live a full and rewarding life with family, friends, children, grandchildren and eventually great-grandchildren.

7. To enjoy my cozy and loving home, family, and pets, remembering to relax more often.

8. To get a great night's sleep and reduce chronic pain and inflammation.

9. Continually strive to become a better me, keep challenging myself and honoring the
repeated achievements.

10. To be the Best Of Me!

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