Saturday, November 24, 2012

First of all, I know no body believes me here, but this is true of my feelings. I work hard here daily to loose weight, but I did not tract here all my activities it is because of my feelings. Every time I read messages here and even right now I am writing this to you my chest is painful. Some times the pain is unbearable. This is one of the reason I seldom to tract my activities and I seldom to come here now.

I dont want you to believe me at all. I want you to say a words against me, if you can not say it to me say it in your mind. My families and people in our city called me photocopy and some other religions called me a good Christians. Some people called me plastic, pig, and etc. If people dont like me, I like them, if people hates me, I love them. My feelings is always opposite sides.

One of my big secret is Mary of Good Success and Cresenciana Tanutan Reinders who is myself is one. Mary of Good success have 3 Angels, St. Gabriel Arkanghels, San Miguel Arkanghels, And San Rafael Arkanghels. I myself, I dreams two Angels spoken to me, the clouds was open and the Angels come to me his name is San Micheal Arkangel or San Miguel Arkanghel in our dialec, the reason fI know his name because he introduce himself to me his name. San Micheal Arkanghel told me he is my protectors against the devil. Then later on I look up the sky and another Angel comes to me, he introduce his name to me and his name is San Rafael Arkanghel. His job in heaven is serving the God the Father Almighty. San Rafael Arkanghels told me he is my messengers, if I need him I just called his name and he will come and help me, this is the Angels told me in my dreams. Then San Rafael Arkangels flew back to heaven and continue serving the God the Father Almighty, but San Miguel Arkanghels is with me to protect me against the devil. San Micheal Arkanghel or San Miguel Arkanghel flew me to the area very few people called Doldol, and this Doldol is my place right now our town is Bacong, our province is Negros Oriental. San Miguel Arkanghel staying with me forever until I woke up. But all my dreams come true now.

I was dreams that when I was 24 years old. When I turn 35 last August of this year, I dream again that I swum the nice big river. That is the time also that people are fought me, and I dont understand about myself. Then the big floods in Manila two times, those big floods in Manila is the gift on my birthday when I turn 35. I read some news too that in the US have floods.

The whole city including my families fought me, and I dont understand myself. They said boy, even its girl and etc. They called me pig, plastic, good christian, photocopy because I can photocopy the attitudes of a person. Even though people hates me in real life, but in my dreams people loves me and we are happy eating the big events.

The earth quake I called San Rafael Arkanghels because I was in need of him. But before the earth quake happen I feel cold not called because of the weather but cold from the bottom of my body and my bones it look like shaking. The the following day, we have big earth quake all over the Philippines.

I know I am not your friends here, I am your enemy. In fact I want you to say a bad words to me, or dont believe of what I said so that I can continue log in this site.

This is my secret in life. Its up to you how you can help me.
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    Hi CRES
    I'm debbie. I live in Oregon.
    In your blog I see a very religous woman. Stick by your guardian angel. He will protect you.
    Please go to the Dr. and tell them about your chest hurting. From viewing you in your picture you don't seem to be in the ened of losing weight. Be more concerned for your health safety. Your chest might be in danger. Be very open and honest with your Dr.
    Keep on blogging.
    1976 days ago
    I dont really understand what you are trying to say here.
    But I agree with the others that say you should talk to your doctor or family and get help for yourself.

    1976 days ago
  • PICKIE98

    Tell your husband now about your feelings,, you nursed him back to health, it is now your turn to be healed. Not all medicines make you gain weight,, see if a doctor can increase your medicine dosage or change it to help you clear things up.
    If you are not feeling whole, you cannot function like you want to function: happy, healthy and free.
    Keep blogging and mailing all of us,, we all want you to get help,,

    I miss your stories and pictures, happy face.. Love, Linda

    1976 days ago
    You seem to be very troubled and need some help from your family and friends. I think yu need to talk with them so they can help. I think all people here are your friends since I have never seen anything that says different.
    Take care of yourself and hope you feel better.
    1976 days ago
    We don't hate you, we don't really know you.
    Please see your doctor,maybe he can change your medication and it might help you lose the weight.
    Talk to him about your dreams,please.
    The archangels will help you and give you strength.
    1976 days ago
    Cres I am so worried about you. I can not say bad words to you, you are my friend and I see that you are very ill. I think that maybe you should see a different doctor. If you are following your doctors advice he is not helping you. Go to see another doctor. Can you tell me what kind of medicine you are taking? What is the name of your medicine?

    Please don't listen to people who say mean things to you, they are jealous of your farm and your greenhouses and all your success. But you have friends who do like you, trust them and tell them how you are feeling. You need to get help. You may be suffering from depression or anxiety or some other condition which you can not overcome by yourself.

    You did not mention your husband at all, is everything ok with him? Is he helping you? Can he take you to a doctor?

    Thank you for letting us know what is happening to you, you understand that you are having trouble with your thoughts. Please go to see a doctor who understands problems of the mind. I hope for all the best for you.

    Your friend, Chris
    1976 days ago
    I think you shouldn't remain alone with this secret, and talk to someone you trust, a doctor maybe. I don't know where you live, but normally doctors are sworn to secrecy about their patients, so you wouldn't have to worry.
    I don't think the people on this site can help you. You need people in real life to give you help.
    Good luck.
    1976 days ago
  • FIT4MEIN2013
    Don't even know how to respond to this post.....
    1976 days ago
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