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Grocery shopping and landlord's dog

Saturday, November 24, 2012

I've been meaning to do this some week, so here it is. This is my "haul" of weekly grocery shopping.

Yes, that's all to feed one person - but aside from the produce, most of it lasts more than a week. Alternate weeks have different larger staples I'm buying.

I get to haul all of that home on the bus and carried the last block or two. I use a backpack, duffel bag and a separate reusable grocery bag for the produce, then carry the water by hand. Total weight of all that is usually 40-50 pounds.


My landlord and landlady have a dog. Actually, I think he belongs to their son or stayed with their son somewhere else until he moved back here. When he was first brought here, he would run away, bark, even growl. It has taken many months to gradually get him used to me. Dog treats helped. emoticon Hey, I'll take any advantage I can get and I only gave him a small bit at a time.

More recently I've taken him out for walks, particularly on weekends when everyone else is away. They take trips and leave him enough food and water, and a door to the back open. A few walks and now I've become his BFF.

He now is very aware of when I'm home and will sit / lay in front of my door and "sing". It's not howling, more like pitched whining to make sure I hear him. I don't mind at all taking him out when I can. It's a 0.4 mile walk around the block, some of it standing around as he sniffs every blade of grass and some of it jogging along to keep up with him.

It might not be 4 mph cardio, but every bit of extra activity is keeping the body in motion and actively using muscle fuel.
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