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November 24th...I think I've found my 'mo~jo' again..or has IT finally found ME?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

This was me back in my "hey day"...yup...pretty hot and sassy right? I'm about 33 or 34 here with the love of my life my Josher. We had been through some hairy times in this pic. We had almost lost our baby boy when he was a tender 9 months old in a car crash that sent me through the windshield, this was before seat belt laws were enacted. Yes, I said through...the windshield. Josh was hurt much more severely and he actually had a trach~that you don't see in his neck here.

Cars and I don't have the best history together.

I was hurled through an earlier windshield when I was about 6 years old. My mother (a fairly new driver even though she was in her 40's) thought 'she' had the right of way through an intersection with a semi truck...you DON'T fight with semi's...mother! emoticon

But is this...spunkster little lady...the...I'm the one in the RIGHT...and you can just wait your own bad butt turn... where I got my sass and spunk...you betcha! emoticon emoticon emoticon

So when the gauntlet is thrown down...you've got ME...a daunting opponent relishing yet another challenge to the finish!

So...what's the deal on why I just can't seem to drop this weight that started creeping on years ago? It was long before we lost our Josh..so I can't use that as an excuse. I'd say it really started in my late 40's and just escalated from that point forward.

You see...when that weight crept on...I had no tools AND no reference point. I was always a go..go..go person and I never had to worry about weight gain. At that time in my life I really only ate to LIVE...not lived to eat. I didn't know calories from s~malories...I just ate REAL food and in small quanities. I can't EVER remember snacking..I just didn't do it.

But now...it makes SUCH a huge...difference when your life is only focused around food. It's so easy to get ham strung since almost EVERY activity we participate in as a society revolves around food in some form or another. We gather the family together around food. We celebrate our victories around food, we even mourn our losses...it's always about food. Now with our time schedules so stressed it isn't even REAL food...it's GMO glop, or packaged, or frozen stuff that we shove into the micro and then absorb all of the chemicals out of the plastic packaging. It's fruit nuggets that really AREN'T in our cereals..it just makes me sad how we are so blind sided by these greedy big foodie companies.

BUT...no more! I was mad, then sad, then shocked, then hurt when I saw the video my hubs took of me having fun out on the dance floor at a recent birthday celebration. WHO WAS that person...I just couldn't believe my sadly disappointed eyes...it was me...Baby Shamu in all her glory. Now it's not nice to denigrate anyone with a weight problem...especially yourself.

But...the truth...IS the truth...and my new life motto is "The truth shall set you free!"

I need to be set free from this chocking clogging, tamp down my 'mo~jo' FAT!

So...here's what I'm going to do about it. I finally hooked up my Fitbit and programmed a meal plan and an exercise challenge into it. Can you believe I've had this amazing little exercise buddy for almost 6 months and just keep telling myself...tomorrow...tomorrow. Well..guess what my darling sparklers...tomorrow has a way of never coming!

A couple of things have given me pause lately. First I have absolutely ZERO energy...second I don't like the way I wear the same old 'fat clothes' every day when I have a closet simply bursting with beautiful outfits that I used to strut in style. Third I am mad for giving up on myself...it's an option that is self repeating and self fulfilling. I'm going to find a group of NEW friends that concentrate much more on activity and much less on dine-outs, dine-ins, and birthday celebrations at you...guessed...it...restauran

See the common theme here? FOOD...FOOD and more FOOD.

I need to flip the switch. I need to do it for ME...because damn it...I'm SO worth it!

AND you are too! Do you hear me...loud and clear...YOU ARE WORTH IT! emoticon

Here's a recent pic with a darling new friend. We met she and her hubs through another set of close friends. We'll see them when we go back to Iowa for Christmas.

Doreen...truthfully is one of the biggest reasons I have something to look forward to on this trip. She's a character, and FUN, to the hilt. I LOVE it when we meet people that come into our lives that remind us to LIVE them...not just 'exist' them!

Doreen reminds me that I used to be that FUN girl! I used to up and ready for anything, any time, any place, any where. Now I mostly head home after a day at the consignment gallery exhausted and looking for my LazBoy. That's not fun...that's pitiful! emoticon

I have my FitBit fully charged and ready to ROAR! emoticon

I know how many calories I can consume today to meet my most challenging goal weight of 135 by August of 2013.

I know my exercise plan to end up with a calorie deficit in order to meet that goal and stay on track. This time I'm inviting you to join right along and hold me fully accountable. No more Bobbi Slacking...I'm sick of FAT Bobbi...I'm headed for SLEEK Bobbi! emoticon

I don't ever expect to be my former self...because I know now that I can't be that innocent trusting naive little Polly Anna farm gal from Iowa. Even though...I thought I was SO metropolitan being from the capital city and all. It makes me laugh at myself now to remember back.

No..too many hard knocks, cliff falls and real life challenges have changed me forever more. But I think I like this more compassionate, more caring, more self actualized, person I see peering back from the mirror. I like my INSIDE self just fine...but the OUTSIDE...now that's going to take some tender care. If I treat myself with the same love and compassion I give so willingly to my friends who I love dearly...I'm be alright...better than alright...SMOKIN...ALRIGHT! emoticon

Here's a morning smoothie that will make your HEAD spin...it's THAT good! emoticon

Morning Berry BLASTER

1 c coconut milk
1T peanut butter
1 scoop hemp protein powder
1T ground flaxseed
1C mixed frozen or fresh berries
1T walnuts

Toss it in the blender...and ENJOY...you will think you died and went to 'milkshake' heaven!

445 calories...which might be a little more than I'd like to start the day off with ideally...but it will stick to your ribs and eliminate any snacking urges...so in my book it's SO worth it...AND so am I! emoticon emoticon

I SO love it that we can edit our blogs...otherwise I'd be writing two and three a day! emoticon

Today I can put a check mark in the 'movin' towards health column.

My fitbit rewarded me with a fairly nice flower...kinda the same concept as our spark goodies...very silly, but inspiring and cool at the same time.

It also gave me a "Hey Hey" which I pretty much deserved, well sorta kinda deserved compared to my past poor exercise performance.

Here's my data up to 6 p.m. this evening:

7800 steps...shooting for 10,000 daily 75% to goal achieved

3.14 miles...shooting for about 10...wait...HOW many steps is THAT? emoticon

1410 calories burned...now that's just pathetic!

4 flights of stairs climbed...fairly respectable..I think you should get DOUBLE steps for that! I had a goal of 10 so 40% to goal

My flower has five leaves...I think it should probably have a LOT more...but I'm a newbie..so I'll find out more as I get familiar...all in all a solid C for achievement in Bobbi 'move it' world.
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