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Saturday, November 24, 2012

We hosted Thanksgiving this year. It turned out that quite a few members of our extended family had other stuff going on, so we had a relatively small gathering at our house. We were planning on 10 of us, and that ended up being just nine because my aunt stayed home sick.

I ended up taking Tuesday and Wednesday off, partly because I did need some time to shop, clean, and cook, and partly because I just wanted some time off from work. I really didn't think I needed two whole days for Thanksgiving preparations. Turns out, I did!

I wanted to keep the menu simple. We always, always have way too much food. But when my husband I started talking about the menu, things that I wanted to skip, he wanted, and vice versa. And then of course the guests want to bring food too. So, we ended up with:
Turkey (with gravy)
Chicken curry
Mashed potatoes
Sweet potatoes
Cranberry relish
Mom's orange salad (a jello-Cool Whip favorite of the kids)
Carrot cake
Pumpkin pie

Jeez, it feels like I'm forgetting something, but MAN that's a lot of food! NINE people!!! Can you imagine the quantity of leftovers left? Insanity.

Personally I would have skipped the stuffing, but it is a favorite dish for many. Hubby would have skipped the lefse because it's so time-consuming to make, but I can't give up that family tradition. I bought a couple packs of those Glad containers and sent leftovers home with everyone. We have just a bit left in our frig. Hubby made a wonderful turkey-noodle soup last night. It's nice to not have to cook for a few days!
The carrot cake recipe was a new one for me. A few weeks ago we went to a surprise 40th birthday for a friend, and they served this carrot cake. OMG. It is amazing. I asked for the recipe and proceeded to enter it all into SP... a whopping 633 calories for a slice. Yeah. I think I'm going to play with the recipe a little bit and see if I can cut calories without compromising flavor. For instance those 633 calories assume a slice is 1/16 of the layered cake. I thought I could try it in 24 cupcakes instead, and maybe cut back a bit on the glaze and frosting. It's so so so decadent. I think you could scale it back a bit and still have an over-the-top dessert. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Not something you'd eat every day, that's for sure. But a couple times a year... Mmmmmmm...

I had really the best time with our family and friend who came. That may be the smallest Thanksgiving celebration we've ever had, but you know in a way that was nice too. A little less hectic and boisterous. It was a perfect day. After everyone left, complete exhaustion hit me. I started kitchen cleanup, took a breather, finished kitchen cleanup, and fell asleep on the couch for TWO HOURS. Man, I slept hard! I managed to get up and go to bed. I was actually still really tired all Friday. Now I think I'm back to normal. I'm taking care of some procrastinated paperwork and then RUNNING. That's the plan. Time to get back to THAT obsession.
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For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

Note: Lefse is a soft, sweet, Norwegian flatbread.
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