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Thanksgiving Progress Report

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hello everyone! I'm back in Texas after a long day of traveling yesterday. We made it home safely.

Apparently the scale up North was accurate when it was reading 142-143 lbs. After binging all day Thanksgiving, and then again on my husband's leftovers when I got home last night (I was starving after traveling all day), I'm still down to 145.2!! This is exciting to me! But at the risk of sounding ever-so predictable, I'm going to continue to lose weight until my body decides to stop. As long as I'm eating healthy and exercising and enjoying life then I should let my body decide where my weight needs to be. It was pretty cool to see such low numbers while I was on vacation! At this point I'm letting my body take control~ I'm going to let homeostasis decide where I need to be, as far as weight is concerned.

It's definitely a first for me to NOT gain 15 lbs over Thanksgiving! Thank you all so much for the support and encouragement in this endeavor! I'm looking forward to Christmas, though I predict that will be quite a bit more challenging because we'll be spending that holiday in Florida with relatives who really (REALLY) like to eat... a lot. And I like to eat a lot. It makes me very vulnerable when I'm with them!

The trip was overall an absolute blast, except for the family drama. I'm sad to say that it is a lost cause. My children and I are officially withdrawing from my abusive and dysfunctional family up North. After years and years of heartache, rejection, alienation, and indifference, this decision did not come with haste. My husband and I have decided it is in my children's best interest to not be exposed to that. It is out of my control. But thank you all for the prayers! I've discussed this with my grandparents as well. Even if there is a death in the family, I will not go to the funeral. And everyone is understanding and supportive of this resolute decision. I'm hurt but it's time for me to accept, and move on.

I'll post some random pics from the trip...

Here's the entrance to my favorite hiking trail! I visited this trail EVERY day while I was losing weight. I have a strong emotional attachment to it. And I trained for the marathon on it.

Here's my girlfriend Krista and I. We became friends at 13 yrs of age. Her page is KRISTA4REAL

Here's the crab dinner I had at Flemings. (OMG)

Another girlfriend Theresa and I at Thanksgiving. She just so happens to be Krista's aunt, but we also became close friends when we worked together at my first nursing job.

Turkey Trot finish line (I was hoping to do less than 10 min miles but I drank too much wine the night before. I ended up doing 10 min miles. 5 miles in 50 minutes)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sounds like you did have a blast and got to be around good people. Sorry to hear that some weren't so good, but it happens. Sadly, blood doesn't always mean good hearted. But do what is best for you and your family, that's what counts.

    It's great to also hear that you are still doing great, I am so very proud of you. May your lives be blessed.
    2032 days ago
    Yay! I have been so excited to see this progress report - so great that you were able to not gain, even under what sounds like a lot of pressure! This was a good "practice run" for Christmas. Nice that you spent time with friends over the holiday and had a chance to run the Turkey Trot!
    2033 days ago
  • ROCKMAN6797
    Congratulations on the weight loss!
    Nice job on the Turkey Trot and sorry to hear about your family drama but is sounds like the decision your husband and you have made will be for the best. It is a shame but you have to put your family first.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2033 days ago
    Congrat's on your success. I, too, have family issues and finally gave up and moved away and never look back. We can only change ourselves and I am happy in my world now, living in a low income senior housing building with new friends and adopted families.

    I agree that you should let your body settle on the right weight and go with it.
    2033 days ago
    Wow, I am so impressed with your race time. Congrats on your 5 miler!

    I am so happy and excited for you that you made it though this holiday maintaining your goals--actually surpassing them! That is fabulous! Which brings me to my next point--YOU LOOK FABULOUS!!! I am really admiring your pictures. You look absolutely GORGEOUS!! Your face is radiant. Your figure looks amazing. Wow! So happy for you!

    Hugs for the family situation. I will always remember some advice a therapist gave me...if someone is not safe emotionally/psychologically then it may be best to withdraw yourself from the situation. Forgiveness is possible and a choice but you don't have to subject yourself to the abuse/dysfunction there. I don't know what your situation is but it sounds that you are doing the best thing for you and your family.

    Christmas--you already have your strategy from this past holiday--blogging daily, staying active, picking and choosing where and what to eat. Enjoy yourself and you can let go of the anxiety because you already had a successful trip and holiday. You can do this next trip and be successful in maintaining or losing weight on the trip. You know what works. You can do it again. You got this!
    2033 days ago
    Congratulations on a successful Holiday!
    2033 days ago
  • ERIN1957
    Bravo, great job done!
    Glad you are home safe and sound.
    Your number 1 priority is you and your children.
    You have great support at home with your husband, you have a new life with them. A person leaves their families and takes on a new family. You have your priorities with your life with your husband and children. This is what counts, never look back and only forward!
    2033 days ago
    What a great job - nice work! Congrats on getting through the holiday so successfully. I'm sorry to hear about the family drama but it sounds like you've made a well informed choice that's in the best interest of you and your children. Sometimes the best decisions are the most difficult to make.
    2033 days ago
    Congrats!! You look amazing!! Keep up the hard work, and I'm sure you'll have no problem at Christmas, especially seeing how disciplined you are!! I hope I can be as successful, although I'm sort of feeling like I may have gained 15 lbs over this holiday.. uggh! Seriously though, great job!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2033 days ago
    How cool! I'm so glad you had a great trip and that the scale is accurate. You are at your goal weight, but I totally understand allowing your body to find its natural weight. I think this is why I've been struggling, I refuse to allow my body to go up to the weight its most comfortable at (150-155 lbs)

    I'm so sorry to hear that issues with your family could not be resolved. I'm dealing with something similar on my dad's side of my family. Sometimes it brings peace to just let go and realize it can't be repaired.

    You and Krista look great! Love all the pictures.
    2033 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    I sent you a SP Mail... hope to hear back from you when you have time :)
    2033 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/24/2012 9:29:26 AM
    Awesome! I'm so glad it was a success for you, I thought about you so many times!
    I know what it is to have to withdraw from family. It's very difficult and my heart goes out to you.
    Focus on your success and maybe Christmas will go a little easier than you anticipate!
    2033 days ago
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