Here we go again

Saturday, November 24, 2012

So much has changed since I've last visited Sparkpeople. I'm now married to the man of my dreams who really and truly loves me. My dad is gotten on the healthy train and has lost almost 40 pounds, I ran into my best friend who I hadn't seen in three years all because of some stupid fight - and I was lucky enough to have her come to my wedding, I went to Napa by myself - and I don't travel alone - for a good friend's wedding (which was gorgeous) and ended up staying with my boss and some ladies I work with (a little odd but still fun) and through it all I have never been happier. Sure work stinks sometimes, but you know work does that from time to time and I'm just lucky to have a job. But for whatever reason, I am just eating out of control lately. Even when I'm not hungry I just eat and most of the time its crap. I have to say I miss "eating to live". I could eat as much as I wanted then and NEVER feel guilty, but now whatever I eat just gives me a food hangover. I wake up guilty and ashamed of just how much and what I ate the night before and it sucks. But what's odd, I just got the couch to 5k app and have been doing it. So I work out in the morning and then come home and eat, Boo. Its time to get back on track and be better. I'm literally happy with every other aspect of my life except me. Life's too short to feel this way, don't you agree?
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