My Dream Body (Challenge Day 65)

Friday, November 23, 2012

65. Post a picture of your goal body or a person you strive to look like.

I was just going to post a picture and leave it at that. But then I decided to go for a better blog post that actually described WHY I choose the images that I do, and the reasons behind them.

Back when I was losing weight before, I know that I was on the cardio kick. I was limiting myself to 12-1300 cals, and exercising by walking and running, and the only weights I did was resistance boxing and a few of the machines.. just 10-20 reps at a lower weight. In fairness, I did lose weight that way, but a lot of the time I was sacrificing an awful lot of food, it was making me unhappy, and in the end I was no closer to gaining that dream body I'd always wanted.
My idols back then..

Yes.. among a few others, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Dita Von Teese were my idols. Dolly Parton, Katie Price (as is), Melinda Messenger, Pamela Anderson - they all had amazing figures, but the above three were a lot closer to where I was aiming for.
I wanted smooth and silky, thin and willowy, but with that sensuality that came with most stars and a photo shoot.
But my getting thinner wasn't working the way it was "supposed" to. I was all lumpy, the fat wasn't coming off in the right places first, and the places where I was thin it was all veiny and bony. I also didn't have that confidence, and because of that, the sensuality was a long way off. I did take a few photos at that size - but it was all about lighting and angles and clothes before I found one out of six hundred that I felt comfortable enough to show.

Then I became pregnant. I couldn't realistically follow the same diet, so of course, I put the weight back on - and then some. All my dreams of this idea of perfection were dashed as I had to start over.
But then I started reading. I started learning; taking my time over something that HAD to be a lifestyle choice and a long-term commitment instead of a short term quick fix proved to kickstart something inside of me.
I no longer wanted that slim and smooth figure. I wanted something more. That's not to say the above people weren't still gorgeous - just that they weren't the gorgeous I wanted to be. As I exercised and ate properly (okay, I'll admit here that properly to me is simply better than it used to be instead of amazingly well :p), I began to realise that I wanted a dream body that reflected who I was, not who I was going to look like, or who others would see.
The figures I turned to as a wonderful role model were more like this:

Katherine Jenkins and Christina Hendricks. Note how both of those females still look smooth, but they are also considerably larger than the others. My average had increased from a 6-8, to a 12-14. Those were the people in the public eye that I looked up to most, and those still are the people who's figures I admire immensely. They are fit and healthy, and represent all those ideals that I wanted to portray while not being the media hyped "skinny". It was something better in the way I was projecting myself that allowed me to feel comfortable in setting those goals instead of frustrated when I failed to set a normal goal, but rather chose a higher goal and didn't attain it.
Now I'm only a few sizes away from this, and I'm actually seeing that I can almost look like them. It's real and achievable, and I'm extremely happy to get there.

That confidence boost has allowed me to go further in my way of thinking. In essence, I've done a full U-turn on where I stand with not just image, but also fitness. I now look to women like this:

These women, in my opinion, are amazing. Their fitness strength....clearly visible, their beauty..shining. They embody almost everything that I am beginning to admire even more than the svelte and smooth skin I wanted before.

It may not be as attainable as the middle images, because I freely admit that I'm too lazy to put THAT much work in. But at the same time I know that it's completely against everything I put my mind to and wanted before. This time round, I'm armed with knowledge and forethought, with goals that are achievable and images that no longer put forward the typical model-type figure. I'm learning to be happy with where I am NOW, and love myself no matter the size. This spurs me on to be happy at the choices I'm making.

Although relating to a marketing campaign to sell underwear, Katie Price, by selling her "bras for everyone", was hinting that people can look great at any size if they wear the right size and fit of clothing, and smile to the world.

In my book, that's where I am coming from, and that's the message I actually like to project. If you're unhappy with where you are, then actively work to change it so that you find yourself. If you're happy, fit and healthy, then good for you :D I also use www.mybodygallery.com It's good for that little something to show that all women are differently proportioned even at the same height and weight.

Sorry for the overload on images just to make my point..but my dream body is a body that fits ME. MY body is the dream one that I work hard to forge for MYSELF, and not an image I feel I should be, or others enjoy - just ME.
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