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Turkey Day check-in

Friday, November 23, 2012

Posting from my phone! I'll be back on a computer probably Monday, to drop you all some blog comments and spark goodies!!

So, here we are! The day after Thanksgiving.  It's officially the start of the Christmas season.

Which my husband reminded me of this morning, during snuggly just-waking-up-time.

Me: "I'm thankful for your faaaaace."
Husby: "That was yesterday!  You dont have to be thankful anymore.  It's the start of Christmas; time to be greedy."
Me: "Gimme your faaaaace."

Heh.  I really am thankful for him.  I sometimes forget not everyone is so lucky to find someone they get along with so well, and just be so happy, it almost feels like effortlessly.

I'm thankful for my awesome family. I didn't get to see them this week, but I had a nice chat with everybody over the phone.

And my husband's family.  They are awesome and totally embraced me as one of the family, and have for 11 years. 

As for the day itself? It was awesome.

I got up around 7 and got dressed for my Turkey Trot.  We were only 10 minutes away!  Got there early, checked in and got my bib, then waited in the car for a bit because it was chilly.  I was really nervous yesterday, I dont know why!  I guess because it was my first "real" race.

My hubby came to cheer me on and take pictures.  :-)   I lined up near the back of the pack (because I'm slow!) And then we were off!

My "practice" 5k time in September was 49:56, and I've been off my training schedule for a few weeks, plus my stupid hip has been bothering me, so I was hoping to finish in under an hour, but trying to be realistic and not set myself up for disappointment.

I have an app on my phone that was supposed to track my run and play my music so I started that up.  I made myself a playlist of all my favorite up tempo songs from my Couch to 5k podcasts, and I set the app to give me a notice every 10 minutes so I could time my run/walk intervals.  I just focused on my music and pacing myself.  It did seem like a long 10 minutes.  Then up ahead I saw a race clock.  Next to it was a "1 mile" sign, and the clock said ~14:30!!  Wow!  This was when I realized I wasn't going to get my voice alerts, hahaha.  But I had been thinking 10 minute run intervals would be pushing it and then I ran the whole first 14 minutes, a good pace for me, without even realizing it!

My next mile was a little slower, but I reached mile 2 at 30:30.

Last mile was at around 46:40 maybe... then there was just a little bit left (5k=3.1miles).

I finished the race right around 48:30 (I'll have to check the race website for my Official Time)!!  Not bad for a fatty with a bum hip, hahahaha!  I still can't believe I shaved more than a minute off my time.  Amazing!

Even better was, as I was standing with husby, having some water and chatting about how it went, this woman came up to me.  "You were amazing!  You did so well!  I was trying to keep up with you and I couldn't.  It's so hard doing a race alone, with no one to keep you motivated, so I thought I'd try to stay with somebody.  But I couldnt keep up! And you were running almost the whole time!  Great job!"

Obviously we had a whole conversation, and I talked too and we all said happy thanksgiving.  Those are just some things I remembered she said.  It made me feel great.  Thank you, super nice lady!

I had a slightly lower calorie than usual breakfast & headed into the big dinner feeling great.

I stayed away from the appetizers!  Had small bites of everything (golf ball/2 Tb size) except my Most Favorite: turkey, sweet potato casserole, and this cheese broccoli thing my MIL makes (CHEEZ ITS ON TOP, OM NOM NOM!).  Tracked it all before dessert.  For dessert I cut tiny 1cm wide slices of pie (people are impressed when you can do this, by the way) so I could taste all 3 kinds, 2 Tb of rice pudding, and skipped all the cookies and cupcakes.  Also tracked! 

Mostly I just had a great time hanging out & catching up with family, which is the whole point!

I feel like I pigged out, even though I ate small servings and only teeny seconds of 1 thing (seconds of turkey at dinner, pudding at dessert).  But I wasnt stuffed!

I was thinking about eating, and overeating, last night and I decided I have 4 levels of fullness:

1) Done.  When you're no longer hungry, or "empty," but you still have space left (not full).

2) Full. No more space left but not stuffed. You're comfortable, but know if you eat more you won't be.

3) Stuffed.  You've eaten too much and are uncomfortable, but you can still function - join the conversation, help with the dishes, etc.

4) Sick.  You're in pain and/or nauseous and all you want to do is lie down and regret your sins.

Usually on holidays I end up somewhere between stuffed and sick by the time dessert is over!  Last night I was just done, still short of full.  Like any other day, just different foods. 

-and I came in right around the top of my calorie range.  Between that and all the calories I burned running I'm pretty optimistic I won't have much of a holiday dent in my weight loss! 
Back on track today!  I wont be able to weigh until tomorrow, back home with my own scale.  But I feel awesome.

Even if I had overeaten, though, it was still a wonderful holiday.  I hope whatever you weigh today, you are happy and got to enjoy some people you love.
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    Man, you're impressive!

    That is all.

    3086 days ago
    I'm glad you had a great day. Christmas is my favorite holdiay i love being able to buy things for other people.
    3092 days ago
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