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I Lost weight on Thanksgiving by sticking to my plan!

Friday, November 23, 2012

I survived my Thanksgiving Plan! And I lost weight! I'm now in the next lower 10's digits that I have seen in years! I'm must say that I'm proud of myself! I wasn't sure if I was going to make it with all of the dessert temptations. Would I rather some of my daughters' delicious pies over my fruit and yogurt? You bet! But I kept thinking of that magically number and how it would feel to take control for one day. Instead of having a feeling of losing all of that work I've done over the past month, I feel like keeping on track for one day, one holiday at that, I stayed on track.

I admit that I was jealous of my two sisters-in-law and their weight loss. Mike's older sister looks fabulous! She's dropped 90 pounds since January and allowed herself a day off. She deserved it! I was talking to her about how she did it and for her it was a matter of changing the family eating habits and making healthier choices. I'm so pleased and happy for her. She looks like an entirely different person! When asked if she had a moment, she just replied that a medical professional (don't remember which type) gave her some sort of eating plan and that's what she's been doing. I am so jealous because I wish is was that way for me. I've been struggling for years....

My other sister-in-law had knee replacement surgery and lost her appetite. Now, that's not what I call any fun - either thing - the surgery or loss of appetite. I wouldn't necessarily want either. After my shoulder surgery, I gained! Well, I do admit that there was a vacation in there that I traditionally gain anyways. The first three days were pure rain and and we ate away our blues at Walmart and Hannafords! No loss of appetite for me!! (shucks!) She looked great, though! Good for her! Again - jealous! I admit it!

My third sister-in-law is naturally thin. She's the lucky one! She can probably eat most anything, but is very active with her daycare business.

Four different women all in their 50's all with different ways of dealing with their weight and eating all had different choices with their meal and dessert yesterday. I'm not sure that I could say I was jealous of the mounding plates, though, because mine was quite full with turkey & vegetables. I passed on the mashed potatoes even though they were probably good. I had plenty - for me....

Choices and preference when you look at different eating habit are very varied and are personal. I am extremely picky and choosy when it comes to my vegetables. My preference will always be fresh vegetables. I prefer fresh fruit, but have been developing a taste for the frozen out out pure necessity. For the dessert, I could have eaten every single thing there!!!! I seriously mean that! I could have and would have in the past taken one of everything! My adult nieces have been making some fabulous desserts over the past couple of years. They all looked so scrumptious! The pies that my girls made sat on the table almost untouched. The blueberry had some taken after all of the other desserts. A small piece of apple was taken as well as a small slice of pumpkin. When I think about the events that transpired yesterday morning having to do with my stupidity of expressing myself the wrong way the day before, I sit here and think about the pies. With a room full of people and many choices for dessert, everyone had things they liked and disliked. That's okay. I'd like to have the same ability for my vegetables. Why is it not okay for me not to like say winter squash or whatever? Ah, well, it doesn't really matter because I brought something and had Mike reheat it for me. Even if no one else wanted any of it, I had it and enjoyed it. There were still only 4 things on my plate.

We're all sensitive about things. Some people would be surprised with how they have absolutely crushed my feelings in the past. I would never intentionally hurt some one's feeling, but feelings do go both ways. Should I be hurt that the desserts I brought were not gobbled up? No. I wasn't. Well, seriously, the lesson I learned yesterday is that I seriously need to read things as if it's not me that has written it. I read something I wrote and know what I meant, but that's not how it's interpretted by someone else. (CRAP!)

Enough about the food, even though this is about my weight loss journey. Yesterday on the day of thanks, my youngest step-daughter joined us for the family Thanksgiving. I was great having her with us since she hasn't gone for a few years. It was great seeing the siblings and spouses plus all the nieces and nephews. The first baby is due in January which is quite exciting.
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