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Friday, November 23, 2012

Yesterday I did battle my behind off the sofa and go to the gym. It was my "perfect workout" meeting. It mainly consisted out of me going around the gym with one of the trainers and making sure I didn't do anything wrong. I am pleased to say I "passed" other than being told I don't use my arms enough. Fair point.

Afterwards I was as grumpy and tired as I was beforehand though, just this time with some added sweat. I am really not convinced that the gym is for me. The trainer on the other hand got fairly frustrated with me about my lack of heart rate increase and the fact I only started sweating on my third turn around. Apparently I need to work "harder", although no one could tell me what that entails. My next week meeting is "workout mindset" - that one I think I need.

I still wish I could find some workout clothes. I don't want to order online as my size seems to change dramatically depending on where I am shopping from. However, going it to standard sports stores has proven very unhelpful as they don't have anything even close to my size.

I still can't figure out how to best balance being healthy, exercise and general life. I don't want to give up my time with friends and family and my hobbies and I don't want to nibble on salad leaves all day. I nibbled on a lot of carrots with hummous and then promptly got told off by the lady in the gym for overdoing the hummous as "too many good fats can turn into bad fats". Geez, how helpful!

I know I need to take out Loki more and I would like to do at least a little more running. I have also decided to start cycling to the gym although the prospect terrifies me. I still need to make a food plan for the house, to make sure we don't skip the greens entirely. I did ask Garry for a salad with the macaroni and cheese yesterday, but he didn't make one. Having said that, I feel shattered at the end of the day already and have lots of stuff to do without cooking and I hate going to the gym enough without torturing myself with an extra bike ride. BLEH!

I would love to meet someone at the gym who feels as I do about exercise. Everyone there is giggly and upbeat and acting as if exercise if the best thing ever. I am glad they feel that way, but having someone who struggles as much as I do would be really helpful. I did see a lady yesterday who seemed slightly larger than I was, but I didn't have a chance to talk to her as she was just there for the class. She at least seemed to be struggling a bit. I feel having someone with my own limitations and who can't just jump on a bike and "do it" too, would make this whole thing a lot better. Strictly speaking I have Charlie, but despite her plans she never actually exercises, making her an exceptionally bad exercise buddy. Our plans for a hike each Sunday have fallen flat every week except one so far, despite my constant prodding :-/ I guess at least there is someone with even less motivation than I have?
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