A bike wreck and end to my 2012 biking season

Thursday, November 22, 2012

It has been too long since I have blogged . . . . again.

i have re-discovered my Spark with respect to tracking food and have been tracking everything that I eat.

It is Thanksgiving! I am Thankful for my health, family and everything God has provided - including biking!

I have really ridden my bicycle alot this year and have exceeded my mileage goals!

Actual Goal Difference
January 189.7 50 139.7
February 149.9 100 49.9
March 323.2 200 123.2
April 519.9 500 19.9
May 581.2 500 81.2
June 581.4 500 81.4
July 710.4 500 210.4
August 604.3 500 104.3
September 581.9 500 81.9
October 502.7 500 2.7
November 319.1 200 119.1
December 0 100 -100.0

Total 5063.7 4150 913.7

Unfortunately, November 21st is the end of my 2012 biking season.

I managed to not see a large metal gate across the exit to a parking lot. I hit it while traveling about 15 mph. I immediately did my best Superman impersonation. . . . flipping across the gate and handlebars . . . . landing on my left hand and head. If had not been wearing my helmet, my scalp would have taken the damage that my helmet did . . . AND Ilikely woul have cracked my skull.

After the wreck, I immediately got up and tired to shake things off. I decided to try riding home. (It is amazing how decision making skills are impacted by a blow to the head.) I could only ride right handed and stopped after a mile. I called my wife and had per pick me up.

I went to the emergency room after dicovering that all local urgent care centers close after 2 pm on the days before a holiday. It was a good thing. Since my neck was also sore the ER immobilized my neck and did a CT scan plus chest and hand x-rays.

The result? Broken 5th metacarpal of my left hand - next to the knuckle. Next, I get to see an orthopedic doctor. Hand surgery may be in my future.

So 2012 outdoor biking season is over. So today I am Thankful and resting (wow - I am Sore!)

Tomorrow, I inspect my bike, start working out on the stationary bike and start planning for my return to biking in 2013!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I had a friend who insisted for years on NOT wearing a helmet. She was an avid, and I mean AVID, biker. She then moved to Seattle. About 9 months ago, she had a huge crash on some gravel at the bottom of a big hill. The end result - nearly a month in a coma, traumatic brain injury, broken skull, jaw and multiple other bones, had to have a craniotomy (yep, I didn't know they could do such things) at the best brain trauma center in the country in Colorado, MAJOR rehab ... she is now biking again AND wearing her helmet. Don't know that she'll ever be able to go back to work, but it's amazing what she's come through.

    Just some added encouragement to buy a nice, new helmet and keep wearing them!!!

    As for your 2012 ending, you've got a great attitude. You're looking at what you DID do, rather than what you cannot do right now, and you're looking toward getting better and riding again.

    I'm relieved you are OK! I, too, hope "no surgery" for you, but know you will do what needs to be done.

    Hang in there!! You're inspirational!!
    2035 days ago
    Nasty crash!!! Thank your lucky stars you were wearing that helmet!!!!!!!
    2037 days ago
    Wow, what a blow your helmet absorbed! Did you get a cast, or are you using a splint on your hand? 15 mph is cooking along pretty well. I bet it hurt a lot when you hit the ground.

    Get yourself a nice new helmet. Your noggin deserves it!

    Thanks, Bruce

    2038 days ago
    I hope you feel better soon. emoticon
    2039 days ago
    Amazing mileage before the gate managed to take you out. Crossing fingers for you that the verdict (surgery or no) ultimately results in your ability to get back out on the road.
    2039 days ago
    Sorry about your accident, but, wow! have you ever done well this year : )
    2039 days ago
  • BILL60
    Sorry to hear about your bike wreck. Hang tough!!
    2039 days ago
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