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Personal Trainer! (2/3) And Progress Pics!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So today was my second personal training session. I really, really like him. Totally nerdy and, even better, I just discovered that he's learning to swing dance! His boss cut in and asked if he could stay late, to which he responded that he had dance class tonight so couldn't. I asked him if he taught or learned dance, he said he was learning. "What kind of dance?" "Lindy Hop." I got this smile on my face and (probably) gleam in my eye as I asked, "...Mobtown Ballroom?" "Yeah!"

The Mobtown Ballroom is Baltimore's swing dancing venue for Charm City Swing. I haven't been dancing in ages, but it's where I go when I do. My brother still goes regularly. And, apparently, Trainer has been going for the past two months and is starting to learn to Lindy!

Yesss.....Now it is *I* who will be the teacher! Muah ha ha!

I was already thinking of going dancing this Friday, but this just sealed the deal. So I'm excited.

Anyways, it was a good work-out. We did totally different stuff. Instead of chest presses, I did overhead lifts while sitting on a balance ball. Instead of "dead lift"/squats, we...well... First we did lunges while I held a kettle ball in the air in one arm. I'll get back to that.

Then we did...I don't know what we did, but it was an arm-pull exercise. A pulley
with weights that I held a handle for, and my arm was out when I squated back (so my knees were perpendicular), then as I stood I pulled the handle in (so my arm was perpendicular). It was pretty good. Then a version of mountain climbers with my feet going to the outside of my hands instead of the inside. Then the elliptical for 10 sec slow, 20 sec fast, 90 sec total.

This was, overall, definitely more difficult than last time. Which I liked...

...Except for the kettle ball thing. I told him that I didn't feel it in my legs, but it was really difficult for my arms. I had also told him that last week on Thursday, I felt "pleasantly sore," appropriately sore for not doing ST for two months to then to ST again...but only in the upper body. My legs felt fine.

He took this as a challenge, which I appreciated.


Oh, until.

So then he goes and gets these steps. Eight of them. And they're stacked on top of each other, just this pile of eight. And I have no idea where this is going.

"Jump on."


Oh ****.

I instantly think back to this spectacular blog that GOLOPTIOUS wrote back in the day about having to jump on a box for her trainer. And how intimidating it was. And how she finally did it.

And I'm looking at this pile of steps and thinking, "...This is ridiculous."

GOLOPTIOUS, I have no idea what you had to jump on, but I hope to gracious that it was much shorter than this pile. This thing when up past my knees. I'd estimate that it was 2.5 feet high. I'm not kidding. Maybe 2'4". I just have this look on my face.

"Jump on the box?"

"Yeah, like this."

And he does it.


Lololololololol...jk, right? Right?

I don't move. I just stare at this tower of doom that I am to jump upon.

"...Mind if we switch places? If I fall, I don't want to fall onto the rowing machine."

"Well, first off, you wouldn't fall onto the rowing machine--you'd fall onto me--"

"Then I'd knock you down into the rowing machine."

"No you wouldn't--you'll be fine."

"My feet are going to not be high enough and my toes are going to hit the steps and they are all going to topple over and I'm going to fall and it is going to hurt."

He laughs. I'm serious. So he takes a step off.

Like that would help. I stood before this pile of seven steps, unsure as how I would ever survive.

He takes another one off. Much better, but I'm still freaking out.

A coworker asks him to attend to something at the fitness desk, so he tells me to psych myself up as he attends to it--he'll be right back.

I do a couple of jumps to make sure that my feet can go higher than this six-step tall box. The tower is just below my knees now, so that makes me feel so much better.

I jump.

I nailed it.


I get down, then put another step on. I try to get ready for it and, by this time, Trainer gets back. I tell him that I jumped up on the six, so now I'm trying the seven. I jump up, and am off balanced--I start falling back, but I don't fall. Trainer has his hand behind me, and waits to see if I will manage to stabilize. I don't, but I still don't fall--I'm just stuck in between balance and falling, and he gives me the push to stand upright. He decides that this is too high for me because my knees were too bent in my landing, signifying that it was too high for me. So we take it off, and I am to jump up and down ten times.

It's a great work out--I already feel it in my inner thighs.

My last session will be Monday. I'm looking forward to it, but am a bit disappointed because it'll be the last quality hour I'll have with him--today I learned a lot of new things, and he's just fun as a person.

Fortunately, he'll be dancing, so hopefully I'll still see him around besides at the gym.

If I can ever go dancing regularly again.

Anyways--last bit: My before and after picture.

I wish I had done a profile photo before, but I only took a full-frontal, so that's the only comparison I can offer. I am wearing the same exact outfit in both. You ready?

This is awesome:

Now I realize that there are some non-me differences, such as camera angle/distance, lighting, and my facial expressions, but I'm sure that the physical differences are clear.

I'm definitely smaller overall. The shirt no longer is stretched around me--it sits comfortably. My thighs are no longer so thick--I realize I may be standing at a wider stance, but it's noticeable. My breasts don't look so heavy, and my face is slimmer.

Pretty good, I'd say!

Here is my profile from today:

I really wish I had done one in June. I can tell that my butt and belly are smaller--I'm so much more flat than I used to be. And I look GREAT in a dress!

But that will be for another time.

Stay turned for my Thanksgiving blog--I'm editing it tonight to be posted tomorrow.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening!
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