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Bought flowers for myself - 'cause I'm awesome.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sorry no picture, because I did this a while ago.

I'm awesome. Have you told yourself that you are awesome today? Sometimes its hard. Critique seems to be built into our self conscious. But you are. So tell yourself that once in a while.

I was at the supermarket and I really wanted a cookie. But then I spotted the mini-rosebush in the flower section. Seemed like a smarter choice and while my initial impulse was to get both, my conscious brain reasoned that the flowers would last longer than a cookie in terms of enjoyment. Then my selfish brain sulked for 20 minutes when it didnt get its own way.

But by that time, I was out of the store (and danger zone) with my lovely rose.

Which I enjoyed for 3 weeks. And if you work out "Enjoyment time vs Cost" ratio REALLY a bargain.

Because I am awesome.

And in case you were wondering, I'm not always awesome -- especially when I realized I was diving headfirst into my son's halloween candy - but who wants to read another blog about weakness? I know what I need to do - so do you. And I'm on day 4 of no candy. And yesterday, while my son was at Zumba, I did Wall Squats.

'Cause I'm awesome. You are awesome too; do something awesome for yourself.
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