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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

1. Think about and review the reasons you began your new healthy lifestyle.
I had a doctor lay into me (very justified) about my health and how I was basically dying a slow terrible painful death, because I would not put myself at the top of the To-do list. I always made excuses to him why I didn’t do this or that, they were valid points but still I needed to put myself first for once. I did not realize all my health problems were stemming from my neglect in caring for myself for the most part. But once I was actively working at my diabetes and weight loss my health greatly improved.
2. Are those reasons still valid or seem less important?
Yes, you bet that reason is still important. My health has gotten so much better since I have gotten into Spark and all the good healthy things to be doing to improve my health. I was on 24/7 oxygen and now I only need it for exertion. I couldn’t walk up 8 steps to my bedroom without panting and pain in my chest. I now can walk a very fast 4 miles and I rarely breath hard. I was on a constant inhaler for my asthma. Now I just need it for exertion as well. I was feeling stress constantly, (family issues). Now with constant exercise and blogging, I feel the stress much less and I am more equipped with tools to deal with it better. Spark also gives me people to talk to when I am feeling more stressed and that really helps. I have been going to the ER about every 4 months and am put into the hospital every time. My doctor says each issue should have been things I could just rest and take medicine for, but because of my bad health they get blown out of proportion. I have not had to go near the doctor for health issues once since I started spark. It has been 3 months and I am sure it will continue, because my health is better than ever.
3. Have others grown in importance?
Yes, I only did it for the health issue which is definitely at the top of the list, but I have added reasons to that list that are also valid. I now want to continue to lose weight and stay healthy so I can get out of my home and live Life well instead of just hiding in my home and waiting for the curtain to fall. Now I love so much that I am out and about and I watch maybe an hour a week of TV just because I am so so busy enjoying life.
4. Have you thought of any new reasons to stay on track?

I love my activity and do not want to lose that, I love being able to buy prettier clothes. (I mean really who makes clothes for Big women…do they think just because we are big we do not have good taste?) I have only been able to buy new tops, but I know the rest will come. I wait for the day I can tuck my shirt into my pants, wear regular jeans, wear a belt, and just walk into any store to buy clothes!!! But the most important new reason for me to keep on this path is I now have self respect. I had given that away, no one took it from me, and now I have gotten it back and I am not going to give it away ever again. Not because I am skinnier, I do not care if people don’t think I am doing the right thing or I look less than them because of my weight. I care that I just looked at myself with such distain and felt myself that I was less than for all the days I hid myself away from people. I did not share who I was, matter a fact I was not acting at all like the (me inside). I am now totally doing that and if someone does not like it well……I care for myself and my opinion counts to me, I have worth, I am valid, I have things to offer the world and no more hiding. I am doing the work to be a Healthier, Happier me and that is what gives me my respect back. I am not waiting for someone to come along and to do the work for me. I deserve the time for me and I am taking it, Zumba anyone?

5. Does revisiting your reasons for becoming much healthier revitalize your motivation to stay on track?

You bet it does. I have to remind myself daily, heck sometimes hourly. It does help to see the end goal and with that the reason you are not just going back to the old you. I have never done one of those reflection posters but I think as soon as the Holidays move out I will spend some time doing one. I will need a good fresh vision to push to the next goal. Christmas has been my end goal for the last 3 months, as losing 50 lb by Christmas, and that one is insight, I am holding on to its shirt tails now and 7 lbs more I am there. I have a party coming at 50! That will be 1/3 of what I need to lose, then I will just have 2/3’s left. (Lol Did I say “Just “) Sorry lost it for a moment. Okay back to head bobbing and I have two more songs I need to dance to, to make today’s room challenge, come here Gangnam Style.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and remember it is just one day….Then you take a walk with me and we will be all better.

Sparkinator Sue
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Susan Glory!!!! Wow! Wow! Wow! You have come so far from doctors words, oxygen, inhalers. Again, you inspire me to get out there today and keep sparkin'. I am honored and blessed to be your friend as we travel this road together!!!!

    emoticon ***You are a sparkling firework***
    1973 days ago
    Rock on Sparkinator !!! Woo Hoo - I know what you mean about those fashion design people - what's up with that? Any - sounds to me like you are on the right track !! Hugs K LIL Racer emoticon
    1975 days ago
    You are truly on a journey. You know the goal but we don't know the exact route it'll take. Isn't that exciting? That's how we learn so much along the way and experience changes within ourselves beyond anything we had expected. So glad for you that you're almost 1/3 way there. Even gladder that your comittment to loosing weight and getting the diabetes under control is leading to so much more. Way to go, girl.
    I still want to write the blog in response to the daily challenge but haven't found the time. Thought it to be an excellent challenge.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    1976 days ago
    Fabulous blog, Susan!! You are doing so terrific, I bet your doctor is amazed at the difference in such a short time. Your energy and spunk truly inspire, you help me realize just how much we can accomplish when we put our minds to it.
    Love you, my dear friend. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    1976 days ago
    emoticon Excellent blog!!!
    1977 days ago
    How awesome! Way to go on your personal journey! You have done a lot of soul searching and you just made yourself better!
    1977 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1977 days ago
    Spot on! Wonderful blog. HUGS and wishing you much success on your continued journey for a healthier lifestyle. You're doing it!!!

    1977 days ago
    You never spoke truer words than these! The biggest thing for me in losing weight was regaining the self respect. Before people walked all over me and now I don't let them do this. How much better I feel about myself too. Yesterday, I bought new pants in a size I haven't worn since college and let me tell you how great it felt!!

    Keep up the good work, 7 more lbs to go to the big celebration! You are doing great, don't let Thanksgiving get in your way and set you back. Enjoying the holiday is more about the people than it is the food. Have a Happy one!!
    1977 days ago
  • MLH148
    Thanks for the inspiration! Good luck on your 50 goal - I somehow don't doubt you'll get there emoticon
    1977 days ago
    Great blog Susan!! And doesn't it feel good!!! If you have ever seen the movie CLueless (and who hasn't?) to take a line from that movie..."Exercise produces endorphins and endorphins make you happy!!!" You are doing so fantastically great!! It is so wonderful to be healthy and feel well!! And you are certainly there!! I too have found that I have become more "me" with my weight loss and well being!! What a wonderful feeling!!!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

    1977 days ago
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