Doing it anyway

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The neighbor's dogs almost destroyed my motivation today. They barked all night. I feel so sorry for them, being left outside all the time, but I cursed their very existence this morning when they wouldn't shut up and let me get just one more hour of sleep. I think even our dogs - snuggled up cozily at our feet - would have appreciated the courtesy of a snooze button.

I dragged myself into my office with eyes half open and cursed the big gray yoga ball that waited for me at my desk. Oh...that's right. I decided yesterday to ditch my comfy office chair and replace it with the ball to encourage 'active' sitting, improve my posture, and to burn some calories while I work (I read somewhere that you can burn one hundred per hour?).

All I wanted to do this morning was slouch in my comfy chair and sip my morning tea while I checked my emails and eased into my day. But I sucked it up, hopped on the ball, bounced in place for a minute of so to get the juices going...and for the rest of the day did my best to get comfortable on the darn thing.

I rolled my hips as far as I could to one side and stretched my body in the opposite direction. I tucked my tailbone under to round my spine. I rolled the ball backwards, poked my butt out and leaned forward until my elbows rested on my desk. I sat arrow straight with my feet on the floor and then with my thighs squeezing the sides of the ball and even with one foot curled under my knee for a time. So many times I wanted to ditch the ball. But I stuck with it. If fidgeting burns calories, I torched them today!

Right after breakfast, I did half an hour of yoga for my morning workout. I believe it ceased to be yoga about halfway through, degenerating to mere sit-on-the-floor-stretching, but I was sightly sweaty when I was done, so it counts.

After work was when the motivation flagged. This is when I leaned on the hubby to be my willpower. "Are you going swimming tonight?" I told him. "Because if you blow it off, I will too. I am exhausted." I had gone over so many excuses in my head by then. I'm tired. I didn't get much sleep last night. I have worked out every day for the last eleven; I am due a break. I already worked out once today anyway. And my favorite (I shoulda started the friggin blog with it!)...I lost two pounds this morning!

While all these excuses were true, they were beside the point. I have committed to working out every day and today I had committed to getting my butt in the pool for at least half an hour. If I chose to take it easy, the pool WOULD BE a recovery day. The hubby didn't seem to want to go either; this wasn't looking good. So I told him "You have to go. So I'll go too."

So we went. We swam laps. The hubby even rocked a butterfly stroke which was really, really sexy. I got out the foam dumbbells and did strength training until my arms felt like they might fall off. And then the hubby and I each held a dumbbell between our feet under water and got into this weird chicken fight wherein we tried to knock each other off balance so our feet popped up to the surface and we fell over. Which was not sexy at all but hilarious and lots of fun. We got in a solid 45 minute workout on a day neither of us felt like working out at all.

Tomorrow is my "last chance workout" before the big Thanksgiving feast so I have planned a run in the morning and a Turbo Kick class after work. I am 2.5 pounds away from the 250s...which is my goal for the week. Its on!
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