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Day 33 - 20th November 2012 - Girl on fire

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Daily Note

Wow so much congratulations for yesterday on my page , blog and status with my 1 month anniversary with sparkpeople, reading all those comments made me happy :) . Oh well that is an an understatement, i am always happy lol, i guess i should say it made me happier, lol.

Today i went for a blood test to see if if my counts are low somewhere, as this week i have been really tired, i have not felt this tired since a small kid when i needed those naps because the day was just too long for a small child lol. I had to have a power nap during lunch break, because i was just really flat out tired. I really don't get it, i sleep alright, i sleep enough hours, i am not eating junk food, i am eating a variety of foods, i am eating quiet alot of fresh produces of freggies. I am exercising and working, i didn't feel like this first week i came here, I am wondering if i am short on some nutrients , so thats why the check with the blood test.

Other than that it was a good day, nice weather, semi easy going. But that is usual :). Mammie and Mikel could go home today, she seems very happy with her son, and Mikel seems to be doing well with his condition.

I spoke with Adrian, he knows about my account so if there is ever something up with me that i can't post i told him to write a short note about my situation on why i can't post, i am so grateful to have a brother like him, always looking out for his baby sister. Krystle is a luck lady to have found my brother as her soul mate.

November Goals

Can you believe it, in 10 days, November will be over, time is surely flying isn't it? Sometimes i even wonder if there is actually 24 hours in a day, or is it just the clock saying that and the world is evolving faster for shorter days, because i feel like there is only really 16 hours in a day lol. But anyways, i am on track with everything. I am tracking daily. I am now 450 spark points short of getting my 3000 spark points this month. I am still saving up spark points for goodies though, i still don't have that much since the day i went broke on them lol. I am focusing alot on myself goals too, they are great to relax with.

Sparkpeople Plan

The more active i am with sparkpeople the more focus i seem to be with my goals, those tracking, if i do it in the middle of the day it often motivates me to get a few more minutes of exercise in. I am hoping with this strategy keeping focus with my goals that i will see some results on the weigh scale. But a few more inches wouldn't hurt either.

Motivational Song

Girl on fire by Alicia Keys

I need to bounce back into today's music lol, lately alot have been for the 1960's before my time, so i thought i would go with the song, Alicia has such a wonderful song, and this song is so great and motivating don't you think?

Motivational Quote

“The successful person has the habit of doing the things failures don’t like to do. They don’t like doing them either necessarily. But their disliking is subordinated to the strength of their purpose.” ~E. M. Gray

It is true, to succeed you need to keep trying to get that succession, it isn't a failure path but just a hurdle/obstacle that we need to get through to succeed, successful people know their strength and keep the purpose on why they doing it in their mind, sparkpeople has been helping me this with path tremendously, i was a person who easily gave up with these so called hurdles, but now i fight through them and now i guess i can call myself .... A successful person on her road to success ...
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