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Day 20 of 55 Days...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's Day 20 - Almost T-day!

Recap of Day 19

Calories: 1755 - yep, over. I was fine until I had to stay up late and those Ranger cookies started calling my name - 3 cookies later, and I was over. Was it worth it? Umm... yes and no. I could have had just one cookie...(sigh). Moving on.

Exercise: Trainer #8 kicked my @ss. We did upper body ST in metabolic circuits. My shoulders are sore (in that GOOD way) and I feel strong. I did one legged deadlift rows with 50# (25# in each hand) and shoulder presses with 30# weights in each hand (60# total). Later in the evening my daughter and I went to our fitness/nutrition class at the YMCA and our fitness portion featured YOGA. I've never tried Yoga - and I WILL be back. All that balance work was awesome - and it also was so relaxing to stretch and move. I actually felt graceful at some points.

The PIE is picked up and in the fridge for Turkey Day. The Turkey is thawing. All the other stuff is bought and as much as can be pre-prepped has been done. I feel so relaxed and ready to go. This is great!

Santa Day is on track - I have been packing boxes with the things I have and making lists for the things I still need to pick up. My holiday chocolates are being made in small batches each night. I am on track to mail everything by December 10th. This has been so motivating to be ahead and looking forward to relaxing this holiday!

Plan for Day 20 -

Tonight is my daughter's swim team practice -so I will be running intervals on the treadmill. If the workout buddy shows - great - if not, I will proceed forward.

I also have a big dance party tonight for ballroom dancing - the theme is Madagascar/Jungle and I will be dressing up accordingly. Pictures will be coming. Two hours of fun and dancing - I can't wait. I plan to bring a healthy snack to eat on the way to help with navigating the food at the event. I am eating light today during the day (calorie-wise) with an emphasis on protein items so that I stay full. I'm not much of a drinker - so that part of the event won't be too tempting, but the food at these events is outstanding - so I will be planning carefully so I can taste a few of the wonderful things that will be available.

Weigh in is still scheduled for November 30th.

Keep focused and stay strong everyone - do whatever it takes - and never, ever quit!

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