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Quick Tip 72~ More out of the Box Thinking on the Topic of Plates...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thought I'd follow yesterday's post with a separate though related one, rather than leaving this helpful hint in the comments.

First off, thanks everyone who left a comment and read yesterday's hint, your enthusiasm sparks my sharing!

I confess I'm not above grabbing a plate for a lid for a pot when the lid isn't readily available. I highly suspect the cooks amongst us have done this on more than one occasion, if not habitually!

This habit also provides a heated serving or dinner plate, after its been used as a lid. Just wipe the condensation off the bottom of the plate, and heap it with food. A paper towel is best for this.. it absorbs more water than cloth, just dry it on your sinks faucet or use to wipe down your countertop afterwards... all that's on it is water.

A variant of this necessity is stacking more plates on top of the pot to heat them. Because once you start with serving food on a warmed plate, especially if you have kids, they're gonna want one, too.

Might also be an incentive for being the first at the dinner table for the little ones to be washed up and ready to eat if only one is to be awarded per meal.

Or keep a dinner warm without drying it out for someone late to the dinner table.

I learned this trick when I was in my twenties in my first VERY inadequately heated apartment... the same apartment where a skim coat of ice formed in the toilet or in the standing glasses of water on the coldest days. ha

Happy Holidays... be creative, stay warm!
: )

Update 11/21/12
Lots of you have asked how I stayed warm in that apartment so I figured I'd just answer this here.

I had a space heater... but I couldn't run it too long or it would pull too much power and blow a fuse. The building was very old, over 200 years old, one of the original buildings in Chappaqua. The wiring was aluminum, the type insulated with fibers rather than plastic.

Since the stove was gas, I kept pots of boiling water on the stove to generate steam. Worked a lot better than the steam radiator that was supposed to heat our apartment.
When I had to bathe, I ran hot water, which came out luke warm from traveling 4 stories up, into the tub... and added several pots of boiling water.

Weekends I would align my car to the sun, get a thermos of tea or coffee and a blanket and spend a good deal of the day in my car doing paperwork, art, and reading. My car had bench seats and was built in 72, so it was roomy.

I wore a down vest and hat in the house, used an electric blanket, dog and husband at nite for heat. ha

Apartment was lovely in the fall and spring.
If you didn't count that it was the first building next to the train station. ha

Summer was just as bad, to the other extreme. I took the dog, left the husband behind. Spent that summer in Cape Cod waiting tables and enjoying my life.

Did not return to apartment or husband... moved to Florida in the fall.
Never been a fan of the hot/cold treatment!

Have a fun day!
: )
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