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Monday, November 19, 2012

Last Friday I decided I would start exercising twice daily during the work week. I figure I sit for eight hours or more every day Monday through Friday, a long period of inactivity that cannot be reversed by a mere one hour in the gym after work. I have tried introducing short bursts of activity throughout the day, but I get distracted by phone calls and emails. Honestly its easier to schedule one half hour break than eight five minute ones.

Since I eat lunch at my desk more often than not, I scheduled a run for my lunch break. The zip up jacket I wore the last time I ran in Winter is a size too small, so it rides up to expose my belly every few minutes when I jog. I can't decide if I should break down and buy one that fits or keep wearing this one until my stomach shrinks. It does serve as a constant reminder of why I am doing this!

After work, I headed to the Y for HipHop demo class they were testing out to possibly add to the schedule. It so rocked!!!! I am confident it will make it on the calender next month. For a little extra motivation to keep my energy up in tonight's class, I nabbed a spot behind the crazy Turbo Kick instructor from Wednesday nights! I kept up with all of the high moves this time

I feel good. I feel skinny. I have lost a pound almost every day (for a total of five) since my re-start. I know the momentum on the scale will wear off eventually, but I do hope to keep it up until at least Thursday. I will be making healthy choices for Thanksgiving, but lunch is going to be a high calorie meal. The hubby and I have tickets to the biggest vegan Thanksgiving in the country and it is the anniversary of our first date! I am not going to deprive myself AT ALL. But don't worry, we are packing raw veggies for dinner and are only allowing ourselves one high calorie meal. And we have plans to fit in plenty of cardio ;)

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