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Yes, i'm back....more motivated then ever!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

So back in june, i was so happy to tell everyone that i had lost 70 pounds. Even thought i was doubting my scale. She's was acting weird, always changing, giving me big changes in the numbers and i thought it was so weird that one day i was 298 then two days later, i was 306. But i wanted to believe the smallest number because i thought i was working hard enough and i was deserving those numbers.

Until the day i was sick of the scale who was playing with me and i bought a new one. A good one. One that cost me a lot. A Weight Watchers scale.

The worst thing that could happen, happened.... it gave me my real weight : 325!!!


So i didn't really lost 70 pounds, i had lost only 40???

Okay for some, 40 pounds is great... but when you believe for a while that you have lost 70 pounds, it can drive you crazy to see the reality!!

So i was mad!!!! I thought... what the hell!!! Why bother!!! It will never work!!!

So for the last 4 months i did nothing. I didn't exercize, i ate whatever i liked. Luckily, i didn't gain any weight...i just went up and down the same 5 pounds all summer long.

Then in October, we had a special week at work. Heart Health week. During that week, we got the chance to do some test to check our health. At first, i was scared to go. Scared that they would found something, like diabete or cholesterol or something wrong with my heart. But i went to the clinic to do the test anyway.

Well the ggod news :

No diabete
No cholesterol
No high blood pressure, ( apparently i have one of the best pressure : 120/80)!!!

Only my waist line was to big.... (Daaaa, tell me something i don't know)

I then realize..... i'm lucky, i'm obese but in good health.... for now! I have the health to exercise and change stuff in my life. I have the's really time i REALLY change the body too.

At the same time, i was getting to know a new girl at work, and we were becoming really good friend. She told me her story... that she used to weight 350 pounds, ( she's now in super shape and lost a loooooottttsss of weights), and one day she just decided that enough is enough and change her life and decided to loose the weight! With the help of our boyfriends, who happen to be a Personnal Trainer, she change our habit, start exercises and the weight just came off gradually.

I asked her.... Do you want to be my coach?? If you did it, there is no reason i can't!!

And she accepted. She told me that since she lost the weight, she always wanted to do that: coach someone. And she can understant what i'm going throught better then anyonw else cause she's been there before too.

So since November 5th, i'm following her program, going to the gym 3 times a week, doing the exercises and cardio time she instructed me too and following her cue on the food. I'm not on a diet, i'm just changing some habit....

And it's working!!!

i've lost so far 9.5 pounds.... and it's not so hard on me. But i also thing that this time i'm really motivated and on the right track and doing it the right way. And the fact that she also help me deal with some stuff in my head, it help me realize some stuff that help me lose the weight. Cause this is true, loosing weight is not just working on your body... you also have to work on what's inside your head too...

And getting back on Spark will also help me too.... just the fact to express my feeling and have the support of you guys will be awesome.

Follow my new journey..... i will amaze you :O)

** For my french speaker follower who are on FACEBOOK, you can follow my journey by joining my page : Bye Bye Toutoune **** ( English speaker also welcome emoticon )
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Glad you're back!!! emoticon emoticon
    1994 days ago
    C'est super, bienvenue à bord :) Je t'invite à être active sur le groupe SparkQuebec, on aime ça du nouveau monde motivé :)

    2013 days ago
    Steffy, je suis très heureux que tu sois de retour! Je suis tellement heureux pour vous que vous avez quelqu'un de si proche qui peut vous aider. C'est fantastique!
    Bienvenue à nouveau!
    emoticon emoticon
    Excellent travail sur votre perte de poids!
    2014 days ago
    Glad to have you back! I had a scale that was doing that to me, too. Keep pushing, you can do this! (I mean, emoticon )
    2014 days ago
    "Just changing some habits," that's the way to do it! Keep up the good work!
    2015 days ago
    How nice to have a personal coach to help you. Congrats for the weightloss!
    2015 days ago
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