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Monday, November 19, 2012

I was on a course all day today and it involved sitting in one place listening to a guy talking about software. I don't usually sit still for more than 20 minutes at a time. Ask the cats - they consider this characteristic of mine a personal affront. My ankles swelled up from all that sitting and I was in a dim frame of mind when the course finished.

So anyway, I thought, why not drop by Boots and weigh myself? I am due to see the doctor in a month's time and she will weigh me and I wanted to see how my weight is going.

Got on the scale in Boots, money in slot, the scales took FOREVER to decide how much I weigh, spat out the ticket, and . . .

The adjectival (choose your own adjective) scales said I have put on five pounds.

Various things went through my head from 'What the . . . ?' to disbelief.

It wasn't a good moment.

Got home in 'so there' mode and ate various things I shouldn't have. Am now sorry, of course. Well, there's no help for it: it's done. Am trying to think calmly and rationally.

1. I have had problems with these particular scales before. Owing to the length of time they took to weigh me, I'm guessing they are malfunctioning a bit. Yes, I WOULD say that wouldn't I? The problem is I don't KNOW.

2. I have not got any genuine reason to think I could possibly have put on five pounds in weight in the month or so since I saw my doctor. While I've had the odd bad day, I have been pretty conscientious about food.

3. I have been taking loads of exercise: at least one long walk every weekend and a couple of trips to the gym each week as well. Walking to the station, walking other places as a matter of course and from choice. I walked 10 miles yesterday, the furthest I have walked since I was in my 20s. No kidding.

4. People have told me, unprompted, that I am looking thinner and that my whole body shape is changing. I measured myself on Saturday and my waist was an inch smaller. I can SEE the difference when I sit in the bath, dammit! I have had to get rid of loads of clothes that were too small for me and today am wearing a skirt that I'd had for four years and never wore till last month and even last month it was a bit tight and it's now fitting perfectly. With it I am wearing a top that ws too tight at one point and is now looking loose.

So what's going on?

1. I don't think those scales are accurate and I will never weigh myself on them again.

2. I am suffering from premenstrual water retention and general bunged-upness so may be weighing a couple of pounds more than I normally would.

3. General tightening up does not of course lose you pounds, only inches.

And what am I going to do?

1. Recommit to the SparkPlan with a reduction in calories of 200 a day. My calories recently went up, because I was exercising more. I am bringing them down again. I know that I've got a slow metabolism, I've had it for 50-odd years.

2. Go to the gym tonight to lift my mood and by jove it needs it.

3. Call on every ounce of fortitude, determination and restraint I possess and stick with it. I am due to see my doctor in a month's time and want to be half a stone (three kilos/seven pounds) lighter than when she last saw me. At the moment, I don't know how much I weigh in relation to that, so I can't leave anything to chance.

On the positive side, my hiking boots arrived today. They fit, and I am going to be wearing them in this week.

For now, I'm down the gym.

PS: had removed jacket, shoes and handbag before weighing. Can't blame them, unf.
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  • LISAN0415
    I agree, I suggest only weighing once a week, and doing it on the same scale. The best way is first thing in the morning after emptying your bladder, preferably without clothes, I weighed myself without clothes, and then with clothes and jewelry and it was about 3lb difference.

    If you just ate and drank water that makes a difference too.

    I have weighed myself in the morning when I first wake up and then at night after eating and drinking my 10 glasses that day and I see a 3-5 lb difference, so I learned to weigh myself weekly, and also, not rely on the scale only, inches matter too.

    best wishes to you!

    P.S. Yes, I'd like to hear the cats thoughts on this too. My cat Sarge HATES the scale. When I bring it out, he runs. Smart cat.
    2013 days ago
    It is amazing the power that a scale can hold over oneself. You should just keep with the program and workout and track your food. But I agree that it always helps to look over what we have been doing and see if anything should be tweaked. Just keep on hiking.

    2013 days ago
  • SUSANK16
    Forgive me but I only weigh myself once a week on the same scale, the sam time and dressed the same way. That way you have an accurate depiction. Also if you have been good and committed the weight will come off. Don't over compensate by eating less and less it leads to yo-yoing
    2013 days ago
    all will be ok....hugsss
    2013 days ago
  • GABY1948
    I think everything has been said by the others but I will just are doing well. I have to stay away from the scales myself of they RULE me. And the particular scale you are speaking of, I would never set foot on again.

    2013 days ago
    You have a lot of NSV to show the weight is coming off. In a way this malfunctioning scale has been a help for you because it has shown you have the strength and conviction to keep on moving in the direction of better health. Instead of quitting, you have renewed your goals for success. You are strong and you can do this.
    Remember you got new boots to break in this week.

    2013 days ago
    Did the cats have an opinion or perhaps they sensed your mood and took cover?

    Everyone has said the right things in their posts, so I'll just say ditto. I understand how disappointing it is to see a higher number, especially since you were expecting a loss. Pat yourself on the back because you have a terrific attitude and you will be very happy with the number when you see your doctor.
    2013 days ago
  • NCSUE0514
    Those damn scales.
    That's why SP stresses that there are other factors that are important in gauging progress. I know I'm looking at the number on the scales in disbelief just now, because I can tell in my clothes that the scale is confused.
    2013 days ago
    might be worth trying the scales at your gym. Ours have an option to measure body fat % too which is another slow measure of internal changes.
    Good luck with the new resolve
    2014 days ago
    Good post! Thanks for sharint.
    2014 days ago
    Your going to looking back and laughing when you get on the Dr's scale and see how badly that one lied to you. The proof is in the pudding, well in this case the pants emoticon
    2014 days ago
    Never step on that scale again! In fact, next time you are by it, give it a swift kick or stick a wooden nickel in the slot! I am positive you will hear good results at your doctors if you keep it up. The clothes tell the real tale-but I have BEEN there, when the rotten scale tells me I'm up 3-5pounds, and Iv been working SO HARD! And gotten frustrated too and eaten bad stuff to 'get even'. Now you are over it, a done bun cant be undone. Start where you left off tomorrow. Dont let one bad day can it for you! We are counting on more trips to Epping and pics of the boots! emoticon
    2014 days ago

    Dear, it's okay

    Don't forget
    MUSCLE weighs MORE than fat !


    You have MANY victories beside emoticon
    Mood, loose clothing, lots of miles trekked,
    personal stuff that is just as important as scale numbers

    Have a Terrific Tuesday

    emoticon emoticon
    emoticon emoticon
    emoticon emoticon

    2014 days ago
    You must be disappointed to see your scale result, after you've walked healthy 10 mile trip.
    Don't let your scale fool you. Your scale is a lier!! And your clothes are telling you the truth.
    I don't know how many years you've been with him and how many times you've been lied from him...but maybe it's a time to get lid of him. ( *`ωยด) I am also going thru pms and feel heavier then usual. So you are not alone. Also yesterday I have eaten chipotle stake burrito which I shouldn't was not good for my body but it was good to my soul. Chin up and trust your instinct!! " much love" ((hugs))


    2014 days ago
    I absolutely agree 100% with everyone else's comments. For some reason there are inaccurate scales all over the universe. You just happened to step on one. People tell me you can fluctuate over hours in a day. You are doing things right so just soldier on and know that you are winning the Battle of the Bulge.
    2014 days ago
  • EABL81
    Chantal, don't put your faith in a number on some random scale. You have all kinds of evidence of the changes taking place in your body and your life. Trust in that. Your weight will naturally fluctuate even within a single day, and scales vary in accuracy, so unless you weigh yourself on the same scale at the same time of day, each time, it's almost impossible to trust the result. Go with your gut on this one. You KNOW what you've accomplished. Keep the faith!
    2014 days ago
    Don't let that scale get to you. They all seem to weigh differently. I use my home scale because I know at least it's consistent. Don't know if it's accurate, but I know from day to day what's happening.
    The other thing to consider is time of day. I always gain 2-3 pounds from morning until I go to bed. If you feel better and clothes are fitting better, that is the ultimate judge. Keep up the good work. A workout will help with your mood, too.
    You're doing fine.
    2014 days ago
  • KIPPER15
    Water retention from all that sitting and faulty scales. You know how you feel and people can see the loss, don't let one reading get you off track.! emoticon emoticon
    2014 days ago
  • CHRIS3874
    That same thing happens to me when I got to donate plasma. The damn scales say I am up (which are SUPPOSEDLY CALIBRATED -YEAH RIGHT AGAINST A PREGNANT HIPPO - sorry Red Dwarf) and then this nurse comes and talks to me and says how well I look (I think she is up to something though).
    2014 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    I, too, have a sluggish metabolism. All I have to do is think about food and I gain, or so I often think. I'll bet it's water retention. Have you been careful about sodium? Don't let that nasty scale govern your life! You are doing an awesome job!
    2014 days ago
    I think you have valid reasons not to trust that scale. Personally, I only trust (really trust) the doctors scale. I sort of trust my at home scale, but the doctors one is, the best one to go by. You are doing great and you should be proud. Keep on sparking.
    2014 days ago
    It must be a broken scale!
    You're doing great and will not fail.
    You're eating right,
    your clothes aren't tight.
    Tell that scale to go to Hail.

    I apologize for my (almost) limerick!

    2014 days ago
    IMHO I think
    a) the scales are not accurate
    b) you have been building up lots of muscle with your miles of walking
    c) you had fluid retention from all that sitting plus pms

    Next week it will be a different story and it will have disappeared. Just keep on keeping on! emoticon

    2014 days ago
  • LYNNA1968
    lol, shocked you didn't kick the crap out of it for spreading LIES!!!
    2014 days ago
  • DALID414
    I agree you shouldn't use that scale again.
    2014 days ago
  • 4KWALK
    I think you know that you didn't gain 5 lbs. After sitting all day and you noticed your ankles were swollen this gives a good clue that you were holding some extra fluid.
    You are doing everything right and it doesn't matter what the mechanical beastie, the scale, says. You know you are doing the right things.
    Try to shrug off that number and enjoy each and every day.

    Have fun.
    2014 days ago
    We all have moments like this and yes it usually ends up with us beating ourselves up .. Dont be to hard on yourself though it happens and besides I dont even know the scales you are talking about but I would gather they are wrong . Stay with your plan and everything will look better tomorrow.. emoticon
    2014 days ago
  • EZRIN101
    Hmm sounds like a case of dodgy scales to me! Keep up the fantastic work!
    2014 days ago
    Scale was wrong, you keep up your good work emoticon
    2014 days ago
    Yay you! You seem to have taken a crappy day and made it into something positive.
    You should always weigh yourself on the same scale or you risk giving yourself a terrible fright. Who knows when the scale at Boots was calibrated last? If ever!


    2014 days ago
    I always feel that the scales are lying when i step on them. emoticon
    2014 days ago
  • MARYBETH4884
    Don't trust any scale you don't regularly use. Some random scales can be way off. Usually Doctor's offices recalibrate scales correctly. Ignore the Boot's weight. Just keep moving forward!
    2014 days ago
    Dont beat yourself up! I showed a gain of 2lbs this past week, but I ate pretty much right along my calorie range, so there is no way I consumed an extra 7000 calories! TOM is coming, I'm retaining water, blah blah blah. But it is super frustrating to see the scale move upwards anyway. You said it yourself - you can see your body changing, and your clothes fit better. You are ok :)
    2014 days ago
    I am having that emotional yoyo today as well have had UK guests staying for a week but even being careful I have had wine that I usually dont have far richer food eating out and not my usual level of exercise 2kg up in those few days I would love to scream hit the wall have a hissy fit but no like you have to get rational about the deal move forward get back into the mode again and hope I can knock it off in the next week oh well it is never easy to loose but oh dear so easy to gain!!! Dont stress about the scales your cm/inch loss is more telling you know you are on the right track and you have the dertermination and right attitude to succeed I just congratulate you on your wonderful progress to date.
    Cheers Sue
    2014 days ago
    One scale on day not a life time I can gain and loss 3 to 5 pounds on the same scale on the same day after a shower work with the non scale things forget the scale burn the slip and move on
    2014 days ago
    Same clothes, same scales, same shoes, same time of day. Only way to get an accurate reading, and even then be skeptical. The scales are the least reliable indicator of progress.

    All that said, the chestnut about burn more calories than you consume is an oversimplification. Bodies don't follow an arithmetic calculation. There are many reasons you may show a short term gain, some of them unknown. Diet variations (ex. salt) are only one category. You're actually doing great. Curse the bad scales, believe in yourself. They'll be ready for the scrap heap long before you are.

    By the way, did your new boots come in yet? How do they fit? Do you like them?
    2014 days ago
    Buy a scale for home! Always weigh first thing in the AM, completely naked. This is the only way to go! I always weigh 3-4 pounds more in the afternoon.
    Plus your shape can change quite a bit and your weight not change too much, because you are building muscle which is heavier than fat.
    Plus, plateaus do happen...but you KNOW you're on the right track so keep right on trucking!
    Love your blogs! emoticon
    2014 days ago
    Don't beat yourself up over this. My weight can fluctuate as much as 5 pounds in a single week. Especially since you say your period is coming up. I've gained as much as 8 pounds of water before mine.

    You know you've been doing well. Don't let the stupid scale depress you.
    2014 days ago
    I always try and weigh myself with the same scale. I have one at home that seems consistent. Even the scales at the doctors are different so don't beat yourself up. I have also had to trim my calories down and still get in slumps. You're doing great!!!! Keep it up. emoticon
    2014 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2014 days ago
  • NANAGO1204
    What a great analysis of things! ...even better resolutions!!!
    emoticon Aarrrggg! Me matey...there will be no walking the plank for ya! Ya're beatin' yarself up enough as it is. Keep climbin' up the mast instead!! ...good view from there! emoticon
    2014 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/19/2012 3:33:39 PM
  • RAND0M
    The scales must be duff - the M&S trousers don't lie!
    Stay strong, track everything and stick with the plan. emoticon
    2014 days ago
    Of course you were fully clothed and wearing walking shoes when you weighed in at Boots. You ought to take off however much the shoes weigh and the clothes. But I know how you feel as that's happened to me on more than one occasion and I was so furious after all my efforts!! Well done for getting right back on track.

    2014 days ago
    talking about a scale malfunction i got on mine and it showed a 20 pound loss overnight. needless to say i weighed 2 more times and took the heaviest which was approx what i weighed last week. i would say u probably have water retention and fully clothed makes for heavier weights... emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2014 days ago
    Woo Hoo for the new hiking boots and I must say that I am very impressed with your loose clothes. Wearing outfits that you have never worn before! That is awesome :-) Respectfully, I must point out that you were dressed and wearing shoes at Boots? I always get in a tizz when I weigh myself in the afternoon- until I realize that I have eaten 2 meals and perhaps a snack and am also fully dressed!
    I admire the way you got yourself back on track, it is not easy. I am sure that your efforts to keep walking, going to the gym and cutting 200 calories per day will show you an impressive scale victory at your next doctor visit.
    As for slower metabolisms, I'm thinking that if we live long enough, we will be looking at food and gaining weight :-P So let's all go to the gym! emoticon emoticon
    2014 days ago
    Scales malfunctioning for definite! AND you sat so long today - water etc... keep up what you've been doing and it will all go the right way!!
    Enjoy your new boots!
    2014 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    I'm going to go with the 'scales malfunctioning!' emoticon
    Seriously though, there are many other ways that your weight loss will show up . . . in clothes fitting better, being able to walk longer/farther, the scales are not the do all and be all!
    From reading your blogs, I'd say you're doing really good . . . bother the scales!

    2014 days ago
    I think it was some water retention and I think I would just do what I am supposed to and not get on the scales. I am on maintenance and I refuse to weigh, I just get weighed at the doctor's office usually twice a year and I have maintained almost 3 years. I am so glad you got your new boots. Think new boots!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2014 days ago
  • LAURIE5658
    emoticon emoticon
    2014 days ago
    2014 days ago
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