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Monday, November 19, 2012

I was on a course all day today and it involved sitting in one place listening to a guy talking about software. I don't usually sit still for more than 20 minutes at a time. Ask the cats - they consider this characteristic of mine a personal affront. My ankles swelled up from all that sitting and I was in a dim frame of mind when the course finished.

So anyway, I thought, why not drop by Boots and weigh myself? I am due to see the doctor in a month's time and she will weigh me and I wanted to see how my weight is going.

Got on the scale in Boots, money in slot, the scales took FOREVER to decide how much I weigh, spat out the ticket, and . . .

The adjectival (choose your own adjective) scales said I have put on five pounds.

Various things went through my head from 'What the . . . ?' to disbelief.

It wasn't a good moment.

Got home in 'so there' mode and ate various things I shouldn't have. Am now sorry, of course. Well, there's no help for it: it's done. Am trying to think calmly and rationally.

1. I have had problems with these particular scales before. Owing to the length of time they took to weigh me, I'm guessing they are malfunctioning a bit. Yes, I WOULD say that wouldn't I? The problem is I don't KNOW.

2. I have not got any genuine reason to think I could possibly have put on five pounds in weight in the month or so since I saw my doctor. While I've had the odd bad day, I have been pretty conscientious about food.

3. I have been taking loads of exercise: at least one long walk every weekend and a couple of trips to the gym each week as well. Walking to the station, walking other places as a matter of course and from choice. I walked 10 miles yesterday, the furthest I have walked since I was in my 20s. No kidding.

4. People have told me, unprompted, that I am looking thinner and that my whole body shape is changing. I measured myself on Saturday and my waist was an inch smaller. I can SEE the difference when I sit in the bath, dammit! I have had to get rid of loads of clothes that were too small for me and today am wearing a skirt that I'd had for four years and never wore till last month and even last month it was a bit tight and it's now fitting perfectly. With it I am wearing a top that ws too tight at one point and is now looking loose.

So what's going on?

1. I don't think those scales are accurate and I will never weigh myself on them again.

2. I am suffering from premenstrual water retention and general bunged-upness so may be weighing a couple of pounds more than I normally would.

3. General tightening up does not of course lose you pounds, only inches.

And what am I going to do?

1. Recommit to the SparkPlan with a reduction in calories of 200 a day. My calories recently went up, because I was exercising more. I am bringing them down again. I know that I've got a slow metabolism, I've had it for 50-odd years.

2. Go to the gym tonight to lift my mood and by jove it needs it.

3. Call on every ounce of fortitude, determination and restraint I possess and stick with it. I am due to see my doctor in a month's time and want to be half a stone (three kilos/seven pounds) lighter than when she last saw me. At the moment, I don't know how much I weigh in relation to that, so I can't leave anything to chance.

On the positive side, my hiking boots arrived today. They fit, and I am going to be wearing them in this week.

For now, I'm down the gym.

PS: had removed jacket, shoes and handbag before weighing. Can't blame them, unf.
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