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Thanksgiving Bummer

Monday, November 19, 2012

So, I'm slightly bummed about Thanksgiving dinner plans this year. We rotate Thanksgiving and Christmas between my parents and in-laws every year due to living 6 hours from my parents. So this year, it's T-day with my in-laws and Christmas with my parents. Well, I was looking forward to my last T-day dinner of being able to eat everything and not think too much about it. Next Monday I am being tested for Celiacs and even if that comes back negative, I am 99.99% sure that I at least have a gluten intolerance as I've been closely monitoring my food and I have all kinds of issues whenever I digest gluten. But, for the Celiacs test, I need to be ingesting gluten, so I had planned on enjoying my last Pillsbury dinner rolls, apple pie and anything else at the table that could possibly contain gluten. Then my MIL called last night. Turns out she doesn't want to cook Thanksgiving dinner, so her and my FIL want to instead come to our house and go have dinner at the diner by our house. yippee..... While I can eat those same foods at the diner, I am not much of a fan of the diner as I can tell their food is mostly frozen and not fresh. I typically just get salad bar there as everything else they serve is not good at all. So now, my last full T-day dinner is going to be crappy diner food. It's too late for me to buy and plan a dinner at our house, besides I don't have the room. Our house is extremely small and we don't have a dinner table. And yes, I realized we are blessed. Thanksgiving is not about having the best gourmet meal, it's about being thankful for what we have and for being with family. Still, I'm slightly bummed about the change of plans. I'm going to miss the real mashed potatoes (definitely not real at the diner, their's are horrible), real cranberry sauce (when I make it since my in-laws serve the canned crap), pillsbury rolls, homemade pie, good turkey and definitely all the delicious left-overs. *sigh* But we've got each other and that's more important. And no clean-up, that's always good too. While I do my best to be positive, I can't help but to feel slightly bummed over missing out on a good, home-cooked meal. Or at the least, a good meal because I know the diner's food is not going to be good at all.
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    I can only echo what everyone else said. What would your in-laws actually prefer - the diner or a small-scale dinner at your house?

    Have you read the book "Wheat Belly" by Dr. William Davis? You may not have Celiac, but that doesn't mean that wheat itself doesn't cause you major trouble. The wheat in our food supply is not the wheat that our grandparents and great grandparents ate. It's a relatively new hybrid that is wreaking havoc on peoples' health. Even if you have to give it up for good there IS life after wheat!! Every time I eat more than a bite these days I wind up bloated and uncomfortable just a few hours later. Good riddance!

    There's a Wheat Belly team here you might want to investigate.
    1983 days ago
    Do you have a Costco or Trader Joe's near you? Costco has a complete dinner you you can pick up. Their mash potatoes and pumpkin pie are not at all restaurant; very homemade. I just did a very healthy thanksgiving using a TJ fresh turkey - did real cranberries, a salad and I got their wild rice pilaf which I mixed with walnuts, dried cranberries, apples, celery and mushrooms for a lovely dressing. I guess what I'm saying is Pick Your favorite things - maybe turkey, dressing, cranberries and a salad and have thanksgiving. If you want to round out with help from markets great. What are you going to miss most if you don't get it??? You don't have to host the dinner, rather you can get a few things for other meals that mean something special to you. Great cranberry sauce isn't limited to just Thanksgiving - and cranberries freeze back wonderfully, so you can make it when you have time.

    Also I hate being a brat and pointing this out but if you do have food tolerance issues what makes this Thanksgiving any different than any that are to come??? All this stuff will just make you feel as bad now as in the future. If you really want to have one of these things down the road you can, you just accept the result of what it will do to your body....no different that a person that need to be losing weight, stuff their mouths full of food the day before starting a diet...and the point of that would be???? I understand that you are ALLOWED because of the upcoming test, but you are allowed in a next year holiday to also have a few things that are special to you - just that your body may take a hit for doing so. So this isn't dead row. This is about making decisions that are right for your body AND knowing that sometimes breaking the rules can have a mental positive.
    1983 days ago
    There would be lots of ways around eating where you don't want to..I like Beatletot's ideas...Thanksgiving doesn't have to be hard...and you still have time to make it yourself or even have food delivered from someplace that is good..or keep it simple..turkey breast in the crock pot...stove top stuffing, homemade mashed potatoes, some simple sides and some store bought cheats..like buns and pies?

    Good luck and happy thanksgiving :)
    1983 days ago
    I agree with BEATLETOT. Or, why don't you suggest a different restaurant? Hope Thanksgiving turns out better than you think! emoticon
    1983 days ago

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    Even if your house is small with no dinner table, you can plan to sit in the living room, in a circle, eating yummy food. I hate to think of having Thanksgiving at a diner if that's not what you want.
    1984 days ago
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