Monday, November 19, 2012

Meet Dusty. The new terror at mi casa. Think this picture makes him seem bigger than he actually is.

He seems more respectful of Shadow. Shadow is sticking up for himself more when he's had enough. I just hope Dusty isn't dominant like Pip was. Pip freaked out and went psycho when Shadow fought back. Just hope this kitten doesn't have the mental instability that Pip did. I'd sure hate to have to say goodbye.

This kitten came home about two weeks ago. His mom, barely out of kittenhood herself, was run over by the farm truck. The barn owners were gone to a horse show for a week and since this guy was so tiny, I was concerned he'd not be able to get up on top of the freezer with the cat herd to get any food.

So he came home and DD kept him in her room. Dusty (DH picked the name) is now exploring all floors of the home. He's gotten used to going both up AND down the stairs. The cat tree is now a source of great amusement. It's warm and there's plenty of food & water.

Now we wait to see if he comes out of his shell even more. He's still nervous seeing us two legged giants walking towards him but he purrs ever so loudly when we talk to him and his little tail shoots up in the air. Time will tell.
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