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Intuitive Eating -- Mini Observations

Monday, November 19, 2012

Just sharing a few of the mini-observations I have made as I begin IE:


Yes, I have had a bit of a heyday with foods that I have previously denied myself.
Example: Classic Coca Cola. I just love this stuff and had allowed myself about 2 real cokes per year. Well, I finished off a 12 pack in about a week and enjoyed every sip of it, but noticed it really hit the spot when I was really thirsty after either exercising or doing yardwork for at least an hour. I have calmed down with this and in the past week have only had about 2.
I save it for when I really want it, because that is when I know it will taste the best and be the most satisfying.

I've tried a package cookie or two, wedding cake, french fries and am not really all that excited about them, kind of yucky actually.

I am enjoying potato chips. This hasn't quite subsided.


This is somewhat related to forbidden fruit. I previously avoided bread and nut butters.
I was on a kick of eating sandwiches for breakfast and lunch for about one week.
Breakfast was a sandwich of whole wheat bread, almond butter, and blueberry jelly.
Lunch was a sandwich of whole wheat bread, full-fat co-jack cheese, sweet pickles.
I thoroughly enjoyed these until I ran out of all the ingredients and just didn't feel I wanted to repeat the menu.
That started my new favorite breakfast....2 eggs scrambled with grated cheese and a can of V-8. Also, don't ask me why, but sweet-sour stuff just tastes great to me right now. I also started eyeballing my veggies again but now realize they were fluffy fillers that were just tiding me over....not really satisfying my hunger.........although I agree that they definitely have a place and love them.


For some reason I have been drifting away from formal exercise programs in favor of accomplishing things. This varies from very physically demanding like yardwork. moderately demanding like cleaning and shopping, and minimally demanding like organizing, crafts, and food prep. I have been trying to get away from TV and the computer... away from the virtual world and into the real world. I just think doing this is going to be more satisfying, more stimulating and less overwhelming.

Plus, I am enjoying line dancing as much or more than ever. I am more relaxed and playful about it. I think this is making me a better teacher and possibly better dancer.


I have read lots of articles about how we are supposed be nice to ourselves and positive when we look in the mirror....even make an exercise out of it by finding one good thing....etc. etc.
Wow, for some reason, this has actually happened without my making an effort.
Who knew that could happen after years of being so self-critical.
I actually thought I looked really nice when I went to a wedding recently! Amazing. :-)
I actually loved my hair! Never hurts to have a "good hair day." I actually noticed that my outfit was quite striking, in a good way!
I liked the way my top fit and thought that broad shoulders and bust filled it out to give it a shape. With this self-acceptance, I did not feel needy. I could just relax and have a good time.

Which brings me to ......

At the wedding, I noticed how women of all sizes (there was quite a variety of sizes) looked so nice. They were well-groomed with clothes selected to flatter their coloring and body proportions. One of the most beautiful faces there was a 79 year old women that has recently found "the love of her life" for the very first time. She has quite a few wrinkles that I had noticed on previous occasions, but with the sparkle in her eyes and beaming, joyful smile, energetic enjoyment of the occasion.......to me she was beautiful. Radiant is the best word to describe her. Although she was appropriately dressed and well-groomed, the beauty truly did come from within. I'm now a believer.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks for that! : ) I remember thinking that Jessica Tandy was beautiful. even in her later years (when I was in my 20s) and that I wanted to "grow up to be like her". --And did you see Helen Mirren (in her 60s) in a bikini a few years ago!? That took some guts, but she looked great! Go Helen! (Not that it's all about looking good in a bikini.)
    : )
    2010 days ago
    You have got me thinking - maybe it will take a few weeks of really letting go (in your case, indulging in Cola) to then enable me to come back to something more like real balance!
    2015 days ago
    Good for you - trust yourself, and the process!
    I love your comments about beauty - we focus on ourselves negatively - but actually other people don't see us this way! There is beauty everywhere - especially if accompanied by confidence, humour, vibrancy etc
    2015 days ago
  • A*L*P*
    I absolutely emoticon this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

    You are so inspiring to me with how well you've been able to grasp the concepts of intuitive eating. I feel like I am struggling a bit mentally this morning. I still have a lot of work to go, my main thing is just letting go of the forbidden fruit. It is hard for me because of the fear. Yep, I do have it. Reading now that you have gone through your coke phase but still keep it on hand reminds me that we all go through it. I just seek out junky foods and that bothers me right now. I feel like I have worked so hard over the years to fulfill an image in my mind's eye of being the "healthy" eater, the "clean" eater, the one who always has an apple in my hand and my water bottle close by.

    But instead, what do I want, but chocolate, popcorn, candy, I was even craving a fountain pepsi. In my mind I keep saying that these foods are not healthy or good for me but I still want them. I guess giving msyelf unconditional permission is proving more difficult than originally thought.

    I am so proud of you! You're doing so well!! Keep up the great work!!!
    2015 days ago
    Very nice blog post. Full of positive things! I enjoy what you wrote about the wedding experience.
    2015 days ago
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