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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Often in our lives things happen with which we disagree. How do we handle these situations? Some people resort to yelling, punching, throwing things, verbal abuse, and other negative demonstrations. On the internet people may resort to gradually attacking others - ignoring the problem at hand and bringing personal things into the equation. It may be calling someone 'thick' or 'stupid' or yelling 'listen to ME because I am RIGHT' kind of thing.

Some people withdraw into their shell and are afraid to voice their thoughts. This could be because they have been the victim of, or witnessed, abuse.

We need to learn to take a deep breath, slow our responses down a bit, and think things through properly. Ask yourself 'does this REALLY matter?' If the answer is 'no' then let it go. If the answer is 'yes' then we need to think how to make a response without it being offensive. What will happen if I ignore the negative comments?' Odds are if you ignore them, then the escalation will stop. We need to learn to be able to stop and smell the roses. emoticon We need to learn tolerance and accept that our thoughts and beliefs are just that - OUR thoughts and beliefs. There is more to life than always having to be right or be heard over the top of everyone else. There is a life to live - let it be a healthy one - physically and emotionally.

Those who are too afraid to speak up will hopefully find their voice, and come out of their prison - because it IS a prison when we can't say or do things for fear. Sometimes this prison will reflect in our being overweight! I am sure that many Spark Members will admit to stuffing their faces because it is their outlet. The only trouble is, many also end up abusing themselves because of it. It is a double-sided sword. These people need to learn to be kind to themselves too. My hope is that everyone will learn to deal with the negatives in their lives, in whatever form it takes, and move on in a constructive way. If they need outside help with this that is o.k. If they need a Therapist to help with their emotions and the way that they manifest, that is o.k. They just might end up with a much better life than they could ever have thought possible.
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