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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hello everyone!

I’m doing a short blog just to catch you all up on what’s been going on with me. Well, everything is going great. I’m moving forward with me and moving forward really does the body good. I had a few setbacks here and there, but I got it together. (Emotionally) and kept on doing me.

My husband and I did some stuff around the house yesterday –I worked on a few project, but my closet isn’t done yet. My husband promised me he would be gone all day monday so I can get things done. And since he made plans for us to go out to an outdoor flea market it -100miles of yard sales –or outdoor vending with his friend and his date... I agreed to go, and put it off for one more day.

It was nice, and I loved all the stuff I had seen. I got an vintage ivory tusk bracelet for a 1$. The woman was asking 2$ for it and I got it for 1$ and it’s really nice, and it has this neat pin that slips in and out so you can open it put it on. I had to take it to my mom to see what year it wass when I got home, and she said.

I guess the woman didn’t know what she had. I knew, but I asked if she would take a dollar for it anyways. I wasn’t going to spend 2 on it; because at that point I hadn’t studied the piece, but the more I did the more I felt drawn to the energy. It gave off a nice energy, and I love that when I buy old jewelry. It was a nice find and I had to have it.

So, my mom looked at it closely and said. This could be from the 50’s or 60’s. That was nice to hear. When I get it clean I will share a picture of it. I love it! My mom said. Whoever you carry it to –to do the cleaning make sure they only steam clean it and make sure you don't sale it to them, because they will ask to buy it. Oh! I love what I have, and its too nice to sale.

Today’s calorie burn ended up at 4018 and I feel good. We did a lot of walking, and my husband said we did 10 miles. I don’t know what we did –all I know is this. My husband got his exercise in for today. John my husband’s friend stopped the man on the cart who was patrolling and asked how many miles was the first lot we were in, and he said 3 miles. The next one was 2. He said it’s marked on the sign, and we saw that as we were driving out –the sign said. 3 miles of vendors and stuff. And it was packed. The other one that was 2 miles was super packed too.... We are going to do that again for sure. I loved it!

It was fun-fun-fun. I didn’t spend as much money as my husband did –but I think 1 buck was fair spending.

And the hill climbs were nice too... I mean I loved it. I really did love it, and it was the best workout ever, and I feel so good about my burn.

Intake on the food suck, I ate one meal only, and I had cheese sticks and a salad from applebees... But my burn took care of all of that. I needed some fuel I was feeling light headed from all that walking.
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