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Sunday, November 18, 2012

It's been a while and Thanksgiving is almost here. I've decided not to move. A variety of reasons, but I just didn't want to give up the open floor plan as it's just me, I didn't want to take trash to a dumpster at the end of the street, and I wasn't sure what to do with no outside storage. There was another one that had all of those things, but in the end I just couldn't gear up to move again. I also did the math and in the end, with the purchase of a fridge and moving, I would actually not save money. So, I'm staying put.

I may regret this decision. I've got new neighbors. The male half (he and wife moved in) stopped by yesterday to let me know they were moving in, so I was prepared for a little extra noise in the worlds worst built apartments. Didn't get bad until 1:30 this morning. Then, bumping, thumping, yelling, screaming. I had a migraine yesterday and was dog tired. I finally went into the guest room, but still, sleep for the night was ruined. The plus side of this is I got in the guest bedroom today and organized the remaining boxes and got it ready to be the bedroom in case this is common with these folks. In fact, I think it might make a better bedroom. So, I'm going to call some folks to help box up the second mattress set and put it in storage and get them to move the bedroom furniture to the other bedroom and the furniture from there to the master. The irony of this apartment is that the second bedroom is actually better than the master and it's in the back of the apartment where the master is off of the walkway right by the front door.

Adding to this, my stomach issues have returned (we'll just say digestive issues and not go into a great deal of detail). I did make a doctor's appointment and he was worthless. Did not listen to me. Gave one Rx that actually made the problem 10 times worse. Did find out that my vitamin D is low, but not near as low as it was several years ago. So, got an Rx for a super dose once a week for four weeks.

In the meantime, I'm experimenting. No dairy. Which has helped on several fronts, including my skin and when I'm really vigilant I sleep much better. I'm also doing some gluten free but am not totally gluten free. So maybe gluten light. Not sure how that's doing. Given this, last week my severe itching returned. I was stumped. Then I realized I was doing more egg centric meals (easy protein right?). So, for the past week no egg centric meals. And, no itching. I'm kind of sad, but I think it's eggs straight up. I don't think there's a problem if they're mixed with something. I may find out soon as there is a baked oatmeal recipe I want to try that has eggs. In the meantime, I'm experimenting with vegan recipes where I can. Today's involved making my own oat flour for the first time. It was kind of cool. I hope to post pictures of some of my cooking adventures soon.

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    Sorry about the medical problems. Hoping the change in food choices will help you.

    The new bedroom move sounds like a great plan. It does seem odd to me that the master bedroom is so accessible whereas the guest room is kind of tucked away. It may give you a whole new perspective and make it feel like you've moved into a new apartment.

    Wishing you well!
    1971 days ago
    Sorry to hear you have bad neighbours. It sounds like a good plan to move bedrooms and hopefully that'll help. It made sense why you didn't move and I hope in the end, those neighbours get a clue, stop the fighting in the middle of the night. As for the other piece, that is frustrating as I remember dealing with similar issues. It’s hard enough to deal with those issues, without having a doctor that is useless. With my issues – specifically the itchiness – I carry Benadryl. I can take one without drowsiness; if I have to take two then I go home. We cannot figure out what creates the itching. One day it’s eggs, one day it’s mushrooms, one day it’s quite literally the air I’m breathing and I know that stress also brings it out. If you continue to have digestive issues, insist on a colonoscopy (if you haven’t already had one) to rule out IBD and diverticulitis. Take good care of yourself through all this, sounds like you have plans to do just that.
    1982 days ago
    Hope that was a one time "stress from moving day" fight and not a regular occurrence with the new neighbors, I suppose time will tell.

    That sucks about the eggs (and dairy!), maybe bring that up to the doctor, and see if they can do an allergy test (or look for a better doctor that will investigate the issue?)

    1983 days ago
    I would LOVE for you to live out in the country. Wide open areas. Fresh air, etc.

    (Not that I live that way.) LOL

    Glad you are aware of the issues w/ your health. Whew!

    1984 days ago
    Aww... I'm sorry you're having health issues.. I honestly believe that women should seek out women doctors. They tend to listen and take us more seriously than male doctors.
    As for your apartment. At least you were able to figure out what you are going to do for the time being. I hope the change in bed rooms works out well for you.
    1984 days ago
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